Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

A potentially fantastic space SEU from Denmark which sadly never saw the light of day.

GTW is proud to present a specially made slideshow by IaN Coog (Released by Hokutoforce and Onslaught) of the game and how it was looking. Sadly nothing is playable and a slideshow is the best thing we can show of this game.

It seems that there was no programming done, but pretty much a lot of the graphics and sprites which are in the slideshow.
Really impressive graphics makes you wonder how this game could have been if it played and moved as good as it looked.

We’re currently not sure why no code was started, and what happened exactly to the game. We hope to find out some
more about the title very soon!

For now, enjoy the slideshows and wonder about what could have been!

Would this have been an Armalyte beater?…

Contributions: IaN Coog

Supporting content

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