Warrior Of Darkness


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Yet another title from Starbyte and Bonespark… and yet another GTW entry. This time we are greeted with a promising looking arcade adventure game, which sadly doesn’t seem to have got very far before it was cancelled.

Originally, the game was known as Dragon Slayer, another title in the archives and which was being developed by a team at Linel Software. This was shaping up to be a sideway scrolling arcade adventure in the style of Rastan.

However, the project got switched to Starbyte, with a new team of developers, and the title started to become (As Oliver describes) “more like Psygnosis’ Barbarian”.

Bonespark was asked to do the C64 conversion, and so Oliver and Markus were assigned to the game. Oliver created two screens for the game (which can both be found here), and Markus composed one tune (again found here).

Starbyte soon cancelled the game, as they did not agree to the conditions set by Bonespark. So the game never progressed really beyond what is here now.

There is no coder mentioned, though it is assumed that Markus was in fact going to be doing the coding. I assume also that Oliver never mentioned a coder, because there was no code ever started. Unless Linel had some C64 code done for their version.

At the moment, it seems this entry is complete… Maybe some additional words from Markus and other information will close the doors on this game’s case.

Looking at the remains, it looks and sounds good.. but sadly we may never know how good this really would have been…

Another potential stunner lost…

Contributions: Oliver Lindau

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Oliver Lindau talks about work on Warriors Of Darkness…

“URL: http://vetodrom.com/classics/treasure/warrior_of_darkness

The game was previously known as Dragon Slayer, which has been started by another team at Linel software (I wasn’t into that project). The original concept was a simple sideway scrolling action game like Rastan with some 3D-like boss fights, but after the acquirement of Starbyte the gameplay seems to be more like Psygnosis’ Barbarian.

The original Amiga graphics by Orlando Petermann were incredibly detailed and it is a shame that Starbyte cancelled this project. The boss fights have been used in Rings of Medusa Gold, which has been published for Amiga and DOS.

Bonespark was asked for a C64 conversion. I created some screens (1 complete, 2 incomplete) and Markus Scheider composed one tune for the negotiations, but Starbyte refused our conditions.”

Oliver Lindau.

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