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A.T.A.C: Advanced Tactical Air Command

1992 MicroProse

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Also known as: A.T.A.C: Advanced Tactical Air Command – The Secret War Against Drugs

MicroProse’s flight sim, A.T.A.C: Advanced Tactical Air Command was previewed for the Amiga in various magazines back in 1992, but was sadly only to get a DOS release in the end. It seems that the PC edition was released first, and an Amiga conversion was following. The developers were none other than Argonaut, who had a rich history with 3D developments.


Described as a simulation/strategy game, the title sees you as a Supreme Commander of an entire anti-drugs campaign. At your disposal are an entire army of undercover infiltration agents, two fully armed attack helicopters, four F22 stealth fighter/bombers and a secret base tucked away in South America. Continue reading

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Target Renegade C64 early version

Not a massively early version as such, but contributor Bruce Coates has highlighted that the Commodore User review of Target Renegade seems to have the baseball bat as a weapon in the other levels in the game.


In the version released, it seems that you can only pick up a baseball bat on the first level – and such pick ups don’t exist from that point on. In the CU review, there is even suggestion of being able to pick up a stick as a dropped weapon. Continue reading

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GTW64 May 2023 updates

OK, so not as big an update as last month, but still a sizable one none-the-less, and with two very important additions. A total of 14 completely new entries too to further increase the size of the C64 archive, along with 11 updates overall and two very special findings! Many of the new entries are for titles which may well be out there, just not yet preserved. Can you help us find them?

Total Recall V1 and Wreckers recovered!

recall large

The big news of the month was the recovery of both the long lost first version of Total Recall from Active Minds (missing for 33 years), and a surprise start of a conversion of Wreckers by Denton Designs. Download both for yourself!

Total Recall V1 and Wreckers

This is then accompanied by the following updates on the site:

14 new entries added

Blood Bath at Orc’s DriftIntellectual Software titlesIsland Software titlesJMH Software titlesMicro-Ed, Inc titlesMicrograms, Inc titlesMicrophys Programs Inc titlesMoses Engineering titlesQuality Input, Inc titlesResource Software International titlesRight on Programs titlesTeacher’s Pet Software titlesThe Enemy WithinThe War of the Worlds

11 updates added

Arsenal FCBattlecarsBoston Educational Computing, Inc titlesCyberdyne Warrior IntroJudge DeathKrell SoftwarePharaoh’s PyramidR.I.S.K! V1Rastan V1RunestoneThe War of the Worlds

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Wreckers C64 recovered!

Considered vapourware, Denton Design’s Wreckers for the Commodore 64 has been recovered in its final build state.

wreckers large
Before you get too excited, sadly the game was only in development for a very short period of time – and essentially what we have is a tech demo showing a navigable game map. There are no playable elements and there is limited map collisions.

Though considering that just a year ago we were doubtful that a C64 conversion ever existed, this is a lovely surprise.

Check it out at:

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A video look at Total Recall V1

Following on from the recent recovery of Total Recall V1 – we today take a detailed video look at the prototype, the story of its search and how it was found.

Including highlighting of differences from the original Zzap!64 preview screens.

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Extractors: The Hanging Worlds of Zarg

1995 Millennium

Platform: Commodore Amiga CD32

Also known as: Diggers 2

It is perhaps unsurprising that a game as ground breaking as Lemmings would inspire a series of other inventive puzzlers, which seem to share some DNA in places. Diggers was one such title, where you control a mining team trying to get precious minerals.


Scoring well with magazines at the time, it comes as no surprise that a sequel was put into motion. The same developer, Toby Simpson would get to work once again to try and improve on his original success.

Many issues that were found with the original were set to be resolved for the sequel on the Amiga CD32, including have more reigned in level map sizes, so that most users would get to appreciate most of the game. There would also be better defined goals as well. Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes in Under the Boardwalk

1985 Bantam Software

Platforms: Apple II, PCjr and potentially Commodore 64 (TBC)

Planned as a sequel to Sherlock Holmes: Another Bow, which was released by Bantam Software in 1984 on a variety of 8-bit platforms. Sadly it was never to be.

In an interview with Scott Stilphen, artist Michael Becker revealed that the sequel was using the same engine as the original game, and featured Al Capone, Babe Ruth, and the mob as Sherlock visited Atlantic City in the 1930s and solved some crimes whilst in his 70s.

sherlock underboardwalk shot2

Mark Hardisty spoke with Peter Golden in issue 11 of Classic Adventurer, where Peter recalled having completed his work on the title, though Bantam would leave the market before it could be fully released to the world. Continue reading

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GTW64 April 2023 updates

A much larger update this month, as there was a lot of corrections and fixes done to some old posts, but we also have 7 completely new entries too to further increase the size of the C64 archive. Won’t be long until we hit 3000!


New entries include details of a City Connection conversion, a great looking and recent Ghostbusters tribute, a cool looking wresting game, an abandoned graphic text adventure, two missing games that could well be out there and a post on an early Pac-Man clone by Andrew Trott. Enjoy!

7 new entries added

City ConnectionCode 3Ghostbusters 2021Nedime – The Caliph’s DaughterTerragonThe Boring HourUnnamed Pac-Man clone

50 updates added

64 Tape Computing – Issue 14BabylonBallisationBird Mother V1Black Gold 2Bobby Charlton SoccerBombzoneBuffalo Roundup V1Butch – Hard GuyCDU Games DisksDanger! High VoltageDimension XDrugbirdDynaboysEgy kis kiruccanásEnforcer 2Evil GardenFire & ForgetFlight Deck 2Furry Knibble Girls 2GargantuanGo Ape!Hard FireImmensityImperiumItalian pirated gamesJumpy64La Venganza del ToroMortal Kombat 2MythosPanic ButtonProximaQuarkQuark IXRex HardSabian IslandSankara StoneSingle Extreme FreedomSquad OneStar of AfricaSunburst Communications titlesSuper CTank Battle SimulatorThe BrainiesThe Seven Gates Of JambalaThe Sixth SenseThe War of the DragonToi Acid GameVietnam GunboatXenodrome

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1984 Christopher Hester

Platform: ZX Spectrum 48k

Can you help Harry complete the five screens and escape? He must clear up the potions whilst avoiding the nasties, in order to gather strength for the next screen and to be able to survive long enough to get to the door out.

harry shot1

Well, that was the introduction set out by creator Chris Hester back in 1984, when building up ideas for a new game in his ideas book for the ZX Spectrum. Heavily inspired by Manic Miner, Chris set to work putting together his design, printing off screens using his thermal printer. Continue reading

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