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1988-1993 NEC

Platform: PC Engine

Toaplan’s Wardner is a side scrolling platformer, similar in some ways to Ghosts n Goblins, and was ported to a number of platforms over the years. One version that never saw release was on the PC Engine (A NES edition also never made it, which you can read more about over at Unseen64).


Development was announced back in 1988, originally as a hucard release, and but would never see release. Later the game was moved to CD-ROM format, but was cancelled after too many delays, even though it is suggested that the game was fully complete. Continue reading

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Riamel: Black Prophecy

1994 Steve Postma

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Riamel was a follow up to Lords of Time, which was created by Steve Postma back in 1994. A very exciting RPG that would span 3 disks, but sadly didn’t seem to get experienced as it should have been.

For years, a demo has been floating around, but even that was quite obscure and not within the usual channels to download and check out. Within the demo, it talks about how you can send off for a full copy of the game – though it seems that it may never have reached any hands.

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Darren Gurney was doing some detective work back in 2018 regarding Lords of Time, contacting David Joiner regarding the title as his Faery Tale Adventure game was very similar. He created a post regarding his findings. Continue reading

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1988 Nexus

Platform: ZX Spectrum

Fairlight is a title which brings back extremely fond memories for me on the Commodore 64, which was a brilliant isometric game created originally on the ZX Spectrum by the genius Bo Jangeborg.

I always thought it was a shame that we didn’t see a lot more from Bo, though there could have been more with the release of Resolution, a game that was due for release on the Nexus Software label in 1988 and mentioned in numerous magazines.

Rather than an isometric fantasy game, Resolution was to be a strategic, horizontally scrolling shooter, where the player tried to save the world from a manic mining corporation determined to destroy all the Earth’s natural resources. Continue reading

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1991 Image Works

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and PC

Yet another title caught up in the collapse of Mirrorsoft in late 1991. A title created by Realtime Software, known for both Carrier and Battle Command.

Duster was set in a place called Heaven in 3800 AD, where the world has become a breeding ground for vicious crop-eating pests with a high mutation rate. You are a crop duster, who not only has to save the world, but also make sure you keep your business going. This is done by earning cash with your crops, but also acting as a bounty hunter, taking on various contracts and missions.


Visually the game was quite similar to Realtime’s previous games, with the main action rendered in 3D as you fly around the landscape, and with strategic sections handled via static images and menus. This was their next big game after Carrier Command (though were reportedly working on Battle Command for Ocean around the same time). Continue reading

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The hunt for Kanaan

Also known as Chaos at one point, Kanaan was a 1st/3rd person shooter due to be published on PC by Ubisoft, and developed by Argonaut. It was cancelled when very close to completion.

The game is already well covered by our friends at Unseen64, though reader Werta Best has been on a mission for many years now to try and recover remains of the game as part of an ambitious project.

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From magazine screenshots, details and various promotional art recovered, Werta and his team have been painstakingly trying to make a complete recreation of the title, which you can see some progress of further below. Continue reading

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1992 Thalamus

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Also known as: Quedex 2 – The Geometry Challenge

Geometry was a working title for a new puzzler game that was due for release from Thalamus back in late 1992 on the Commodore Amiga.


What was perhaps surprising was just how simple looking the game was for Thalamus to consider it for release. It didn’t look too different to something that you might find within a PD library. However, there must have been something with the game for David Birch to have taken a shine to it at the time. Continue reading

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