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1999 No publisher

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Kontakt was a new adventure game being written for the Commodore Amiga sometime in 1999, where you would control a reporter called Albert Faser, who suspects someone of carrying out illegal transactions.


When given a tip-off, he leaves the editor of his newspaper (also a trusted colleague) with a floppy disk containing a message about his intentions. When he gets caught, he wakes up on a hard and uncomfortable bed. In a room with no doors, windows or other openings – you now have to figure out what to do next. Continue reading

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GTW64 August 2023 updates

As summer starts to near the end, we continue to squeeze out more updates for the C64 archive – which seems to have no end in sight! Check out the following updates for August:

Early Karl Hörnell game found


Karl Hörnell’s early title Puzzle Mania has been found and preserved by Genesis Project. Check out some of Karl’s earliest work.

Puzzle Mania

19 Boot Camp – Part 2 graphics found

19load mpic

A big recovery has been made by GTW64 on a series of assets for the adventure version of 19 Boot Camp – Part 2. Check them out below if you missed the recent update.

19 Boot Camp – Part 2

Also … 5 new entries added

Anty UpConnectionsFunfair IncMatterhorn1990

And … 19 other updates added

ArthemaBombChessCrystal Castles V1Denny’s Quest 2Devious DesignsFootlooseJoustMessiah 3Phoenix LairPrince Of PersiaQuo Vadis V2RockusShear PanicSwitchbladeTyphoon ThompsonVictory Road (UK version)Worron

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The Connoiseur and other Atari prototypes

Our friends at Atarimania.com have informed us of a recent discovery of an unreleased text adventure for the Atari called The Connoiseur. A game that was intended for release by Synapse Software in 1984.

the connoiseur 2

The game was archived by the National Videogame Museum, and added into the atarimania archives in August 2023.  You can find more details and a download here:


Additionally, we were informed of prototypes that were preserved thanks to John Hardie, with a number of titles:

More details about the recoveries can also be read about on these two AtariAge forum posts. Forum post 1 and Forum post 2.

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Realms of Darkness

1993 Grandslam

Platforms: Commodore Amiga and PC

Realms of Darkness was billed as a role-playing game for people who hated role-playing games. As well as an isometric Populous-style viewpoint for its RPG features, there would also be a side view approach for combat situations.

rod 6 640

The game was set within the Plains of Darkness, and follows the adventures of a boy who has been cursed with a long dead Necromancer’s soul, and who must go on a quest to try and save himself. Along the way he must meet various characters to conversate with, to get clues to help solve puzzles and obtain objects to help progress. Continue reading

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Thalimar: Land of Chaos

1999 Insomnia

Platform: Commodore Amiga (and later PC)

In Thalimar: Land of Chaos, you control a powerful mage – a servant of darkness who wants to take over and burn villages, kill innocent people, and carry out other unceremonious acts of evil. A bit of a twist on the usual hero role like you get with most games.


Whilst solving a series of puzzles and completing various missions, you would cause chaos by desecrating temples, use dragons to raid villages, cause tensions between different regions – all attempting to accumulate with disorganization of political and social life and dethrone the king. Continue reading

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GTW Book reprint now available!

Great news, but a reprint of The Games That Weren’t book is now available for pre-order.

The Games That Weren’t chronicles 40 years of video game projects that never made it past ‘work-in-progress’. Discover more than 80 unreleased gems from the annals of gaming.


Pre-order your copy here: https://www.bitmapbooks.com/products/the-games-that-werent

According to Bitmap Books, shipments will be fulfilled in the order they were placed, starting on Monday 21st August 2023.

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Echelon: The Storm

2001 Hyperion Software

Platform: AmigaOne

There were big plans with the AmigaOne, and yet another title that would be planned for it was a conversion of Echelon: The Storm. A game that was being developed by Buka Entertainment that year for the PC platform and eventually released in 2001.

echelon 640

The game was an aerial combat simulator with a first person view, where as well as piloting planes, you could control other vehicles too. Around 100 in total, with 100 additional objects that would appear in the game. The entire game would consist of two campaigns, each with 30 non-linear missions taking place in different weather conditions at different times of the day. Continue reading

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Inferno: The Odyssey Continues

1994 Ocean Software

Platform: Amiga CD32

As Commodore were desperately holding on towards the mid-1990s, the Amiga CD32 was also desperate for an injection of new and exciting titles to try and help keep everything afloat. Ocean and Digital Image Design (D.I.D) would answer the call with plans to release both T.F.X and Inferno: The Odyssey Continues on the platform.

inferno 640 2

Inferno was billed as the sequel to Epic by some magazines – even though developer Charles Wallace would later tell CD32 gamer magazine that it wasn’t really the case). It was reportedly set 90 years after the events of Epic, where you are a top pilot who has to battle the forces of good and evil.

D.I.D were looking to create an ambitious space simulator with complex and detailed 3D environments, with seven planets and three moons to explore and around 130 missions to complete (Charles later quoted 700 missions). Many magazines described it as being T.F.X (a typical jet fighter simulator) set in space, which is unsurprising considering it would be using essentially the same 3D graphics engine. Continue reading

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GTW64 July 2023 updates

The months are flying fast, and now its time for our July 2023 update for the GTW64 archives with two new additions, including an unnamed Andrew Braybrook game and a potential title where music was composed by Tim/Geoff Follin. We also have 16 pre-existing entries which have been updated too. Enjoy, and happy summer everyone!

2 new entries added

FootlooseUnnamed Andrew Braybrook game

16 updates added

A Fi$tful of Buck$AlbedoAlloyrunBig RunBraindeathEastEndersFantastic VoyageFlonkGraham Gooch World Class CricketPower PrickRockusSankara StoneSapiensSave Those JanitorsStratosThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Danny Duster’s Dirty Deeds

1992 Flashsoft

Platform: ZX Spectrum

Our next entry into the archives should have maybe been posted in April, as Danny Duster’s Dirty Deeds is a game that wasn’t, but also never existed in the first place.


Crash magazine in issue 98 pulled off an elaborate April Fools prank, by printing a 3 page fake review of a made up game, complete with some reasonably convincing screenshots to depict a flick screen adventure game – not too dissimilar to the Wally Week games in style. Continue reading

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