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Race Drivin’

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This rubber-burnin’ coin-op conversion, sequel to Atari’s classic Hard Drivin’, was expected around Christmas 1991. After the miserable attempt to get its predecessor onto the Commodore 64 (the filled polygons moved slower than London traffic), the programmers dispensed with the … Continue reading

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1987-1991 Gremlin Graphics Platforms: Commodore Amiga and Atari ST Credits: Richard Costello (Lead developer), Bill Allen (Arena subgame developer), Andy Bryant (Gun subgame developer), Kevin Bulmer (Artist) and Ben Daglish (Music and FX) For years, screenshots from magazines have taunted … Continue reading

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Jullian Gollup’s classic budget tactical combat was very well recieved. The budget game was an improved re-release of Rebelstar Raiders and pleased pretty much everyone at the time. It was pretty much Spectrum/Amstrad only and C64 users sadly didn’t get … Continue reading

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