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S.D.I thumbnail

Following successful conversions of Defender Of The Crown and Rocket Ranger, Cinemaware were also due to release a conversion of S.D.I game for the C64. The game was advertised in some of the popular computer magazines of the time, and … Continue reading

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2000 Trecision Platform: PC Gaming historian Damiano Gerli of The Genesis Temple in August 2021 produced a wonderful 3 part article on the history of Italian video game developer Trecision, which we highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already … Continue reading

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SAS Strike Force

Before the hits of “Cybernoid”, “Stormlord”, “Smash TV”.. Nick Jones also took part in a C64 conversion of a Speccy title, “SAS Strike Force” for Mikrogen software ( back in around 1987. The game was essentially a sideways scrolling run … Continue reading

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