Abyss Zone


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very short entry to essentially store a record to what was an earlier edition of Netherworld. Originally named as Abyss Zone, this was to be a 300 screen game with surealistic graphics.

Eventually the game morphed into Netherworld, but after seeing the transitions that Zamzara went through – its very likely that the game was quite different at first.

Unfortunately Jukka Tapanimaki passed away back in 2000, so we may never find out for sure what was different. All of Jukka’s disks were preserved, but there was no version of Netherworld found with different titles or maps.

Essentially a case closed therefore….

Contributions: Jari Karjalainen

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  1. So sad, how did he die so young? Somebody mentioned he had Stammering problems, maybe Anxiety or Depression

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