Ball game

Alan Jesse

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Another title recovered by Jason Kelk which was being coded by Alan Jesse (of Quantum fame).

This title was being developed by Alan shortly after completing Quantum, and was to be a similiar style of puzzle game.

The idea is to control a bouncing ball by toggling arrow tiles (changing distance, not direction – an interesting twist!) and making the ball bounce onto various items. A lot more was planned for the game, which Jason cannot quite remember, but the game was sadly canned due to school taking priority for Alan.

We are happy to bring you a preview, which contains a few levels that you can take a look at. It is playable to a degree, but at this stage you don’t actually have to collect anything and can move on by going off the edge.

Overall, it is a very promising early preview – and could well have been a fun puzzler had it been completed. Certainly the ball animation and graphics generally have a lot of promise. Maybe some day Alan can shed light on what more was planned for the game!

Check it out for yourself!

Contributions: Jason Kelk

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Creator speaks

Jason Kelk speaks about Ball game:

“This was developed either at the same times as or just after Quantum and a similar style of puzzle game. The idea is to control the bouncing ball by toggling the arrow tiles (the direction can’t be altered but the distance they’ll kick the ball is changed), and making it bounce onto the various items.

There was more planned although I forget the details but, as with Speed Trap, this was I believe dropped because school took priority. There are a few levels in there (get the ball to move off an edge to progress, the bonuses don’t have to be collected in this demo) but only some of the logic and there wasn’t any music started for it.”

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