Batman – The Adventure


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Following on from Neverending Story and Hunchback – The Adventure, there was plans for a 3rd game to use the very same engine developed by the late Ian Weatherburn.

After getting the licence for Batman and having the 3D game released around 1986, Ocean were to make use of it with an adventure game.

Work according to Simon Butler was started and the game was actually finished. It is unknown though why the game was never actually released. Was it due to poor sales of the other adventure games?

It is likely the game will never be found as sadly Ian passed away back around 1990 time. Unless someone kept anything of the game (Simon sadly has nothing), this one is lost forever.

Additionally we believe that either Fred Gray or Martin Galway would have composed the music – though await confirmation on this.

Early days, but we hope to learn more soon!

Contributions: Andreas Wallstrom, Simon Butler

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Simon Butler talks to GTW64 about work on Batman The Adventurer:

“It was actually finished. As for why it never got released, well that’s between Ian Weatherburn and The top brass at Ocean. And where Ian’s concerned, well dead men tell no tales.

We were simply milking the Neverending story engine for all it was worth, he did that, then Hunchback the Adventure and to tie in with Jon Ritman’s Batman title he did Batman the Adventure.

Not sure what the story was, I just had a long graphics list thrust at me and as usual I just got stuck in and drew whatever Ian told me.”

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