Bomb Mania 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Many of you may remember the very cool Bomberman clone that appeared in the early days of Protovision, in the shape of Bomb Mania.

Not only was it a great little game, but it also supported up to 4 players simultaneously with a special adapter.

A sequel was actually put into production around 2002, this time coded by Stefan Gutsch – which would also feature music by Glenn Rune Gallefoss (which you can download from here in .SID format). Glenn was doing music and sfx, and had previews of the introduction screens and game menu – but sadly lost all of the files.

The intro screens were pretty well done, though we’re not sure just yet if there was any game running at all. Hopefully Stefan will still have all of the files relating to the game and will be able to fill us in on what happened to the game.

More soon we hope!

Contributions: Glenn Rune Gallefoss

Supporting content

Available downloads

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