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Tangram was to be an interesting puzzler released for the PC, Amiga, ST and C64 back in 1990 time by Kingsoft, where you would have to use various shapes to complete a shape puzzle.

The Amiga version was actually reviewed in PowerPlay 9/90 and scored an average score – so its possible the C64 edition never got released as a result (perhaps?). Interestingly the Amiga, PC and ST versions are at large as well, but Thalion released a game of the same name in 90 for the Amiga. A c64 game was also released in the very same year by CP Verlag – so was this also related in anyway? … http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=2194&d=18&h=0

So was either version the same game as from Kingsoft, but with enhancements? What happened and why were there three very similar developed games in the same year with the same name (well, with Digital prefixed for CP Verlag’s title – but close enough!)?

As well as the C64 game itself, there seems to be a mystery to solve as well with the Kingsoft release as a whole across all formats first. It may well be that Thalion took over the game – but we need more information. Can you help?

Lenny suggests that PowerPlay was very trustworthy and never reviewed unreleased games, so it could be that it was just separate releases that clashed, and Thalion’s edition came out on top? As Alex rightly points out in the comments, the name wasn’t unique and was for a common puzzle game, so it could just be a co-incidence.

More information soon on this one we hope!

Contributions: Lenny Bronstein

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