Captain America

Electric Boys Entertainment Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Briefly mentioned in the EBES interview in Commodore Format, Captain America was one of the big titles being planned for release to save the C64 software scene.

Nothing was ever heard more of the game or its plans, except that it was going to make up for the pathetic release by ‘Go!’ Software.

Sadly, as with most of the EBES titles planned, the game fell by the wayside as support virtually dried up for UK software and people moved onto the 16-bit machines for good.

All sprite animations were completed for the game, including as Russ describes “Shield Throwing” and “Bad guy” animations. Also some level design was completed, but the game never really made a playable state, apart from maybe a few sprite test demos.

The game promised overall to give UK C64 users something to shout about after Mayhem, and had EBES received the support and its members didn’t move on so quickly, then there may have been something to shout about.

All that seemed to remain was a glimpse printed in Commodore Format, and not part of the GO! game (We checked).

However, as this review mentions, sprites and level design was done. And so a search begins to bring home the remains of this EBES title. It seems this may well have been a title being developed in Germany/Sweden as EBES was spread also at first across these two countries. We need to track down the other members of EBES to find out more.

Recently though a slideshow was recovered thanks to Kevin Tilley, which includes the full loading picture as shown in Commodore Format!!

Another EBES tragedy, due to the UK scene death misfortune…

Contributions: Russ Michaels, Kevin Tilley

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31/07/14 – Added EBES slideshow with new picture thanks to Kevin Tilley

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