Cyber Squidgies

Michael Williams

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Another SEUCK game for our archives, well… one that we have to find anyway!

This is yet another SEUCK from the Zzap Megatape article they ran a long while back in around 1992. Here they displayed readers games and said if they were good enough or not, and why.

One great little game was Cyber Squidgies by Michael Williams. A platformer with some cute looking sprites which wouldn’t look out of place in Creatures.

However, that was the exact problem with this game for Zzap 64, which was that it contained graphics too similiar to Creatures for their
liking. And so not to upset the Apex boys, Zzap never put it on their covertape. The single screenshot was all that was ever to be of the game.

Sadly, Michael Williams never released it into the PD scene, and so it still remains at large. We hope one day to find Michael Williams who may come across this review. It is possible he still has a disk/tape somewhere with his long lost game on. Otherwise we could really be seeing the end of this title, and closing the case.

Can you help?…

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