Curse of the Mushroom People

Global Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Also known as: Attack of the Mushroom People


An interesting entry which ties in quite nicely with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by the same company. Attack of the Mushroom People was to be based on one of those old really cheesy sci-fi movies which came out in the beginning (With hub caps on strings used for UFO’s etc), and along with Attack of the Mutant Tomatoes, this was to be a bit of fun making against the old franchises.

The Tomato game was never released unfortunately along with this mushroom game too. It is possible that the Mushroom game would have gone along the same lines using vector graphics to make up the game – or that’s at least what we originally thought.

We made an assumption when first adding this entry many years ago, that the same developers of the tomato game were working on this one too. However, in October 2023 – contributor Adam (see comments) flagged up that there was a deleted scene from an online documentary by Moleman which spoke with Ádám Zoltán and Erdély Dániel, who were from Andromedia and were the actual creators of the game.

Ádám was the developer of the game, and Erdély the graphic artist. In the video, they actually show the game up and running, and it seems to be pretty much complete. In the video, he says that he has the source code and wants to some day fix and release it. This was back in 2019 – at the moment, nothing more has been heard.

Check out the video for yourself at , where we have extracted a few screenshots to add to this page. Hopefully some day soon we can replace these screens with real ones taken from an actual emulator.

The key thing of note is that the game seems to be a sort of clone of Sabre Wulf, with some nice hi-res graphics throughout. There is a pretty cool loading screen too.

So what happened? Check out the news clipping from Home Computer Weekly to find out a little bit more. It mentions that Global got the exclusive rights to the game rights. It was due to be released in mid-october of 1985 but never quite made it.

Can the game finally be patched up and released? Watch this space?

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Adam, Moleman

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08/10/23 – Coder and artist confirmed, and screens of the game running thanks to a video that surfaced recently.

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  1. The coder (Adam Zoltan) and the graphic artist (Erdely Daniel) plays a little bit.
    You can see some screenshots. It’s a deleted scene from Moleman 4 documentary.
    The coder said in the uncut interview, he has the source, he want to fix it and release it. – (2019)

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