Curse Of The Mushroom People

Global Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Attack of the Mushroom People

An interesting entry which ties in quite nicely with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by the same company. Attack of the Mushroom People was to be based on one of those old really cheesy sci-fi movies which came out in the beginning (With hub caps on strings used for UFO’s etc), and along with Attack of the Mutant Tomatoes, this was to be a bit of fun making against the old franchises.

The Tomato game was never released unfortunately along with this mushroom game too. It is possible that the Mushroom game would have gone along the same lines using vector graphics to make up the game.

We are making an assumption that the same developers of the tomato game were working on this one too… so we’ve added in their names. It’s hopeful that they may know more about this game along with the Tomato game when we manage to track them down.

Thats all we have for now, but check out the news clipping from Home Computer Weekly to find out a little bit more. It mentions that Global got the exclusive rights to the game rights. It was due to be released in mid-october of 1985 but never quite made it.

Can you help find the developers and do you know any more about it?

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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