Nicolas Stark

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Also known as: Castlepanik

A neat and almost complete game, where you control a blue penguin type creature that flies around collecting many many objects and sweets for points, before progressing to the next level.

Each colorful level is multi-directional, quite fast and smooth scrolling. The game is fairly simplistic, as you just have to collect objects and then find the exit, but its one of the nicer games which unfortunately didn’t get finished.

The Drugbird preview consists of quite a few levels, a later level being too heavily bugged to progress past (Pool level). Sound is bugged too. However, the Castlepanik version has less bugs and allows you to progress a little further.

Its likely that the game was meant for a mail order C64 games company, or games disk of some kind. With the game pretty much complete, its unknown why this was never finished and properly released.

We hope to learn more about this title some day.

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