Vector Chickens


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This may or may not be an actual GTW, but we’ll include it for now until we get further confirmation of whether this was really a game or just a joke by the developer.

Thanks to contributor Dave King, within the Zeppelin game International 5-Aside Soccer are a series of advertising boards – which mention other games that are on sale from Zeppelin or coming soon. Intriguingly one of the titles is named “Vector Chickens”.

At the time, Zeppelin were to release a Graeme Souness Vector Soccer game (of which the C64 edition was just a 2D Sensible Soccer style title).

Was there perhaps thoughts of using the same Vector engine to do a fun game with Chickens? Or was it just a joke by the C64 developer? Perhaps they felt that the vector players in the Amiga/ST game looked like chickens? This is likely to be the most probable explanation due to the low amount of polys.

Interestingly, there is a pause mode tucked away in the C64 International 5 A-Side game where you can change the players into chickens. So maybe it was an elaborate joke/dig by the developer after all?

Contributions: Dave King

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