Food Feud


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A vague title in the dungeons of GTW.

Unfortunately there is not currently much information on this game, but there was only the rumor of Rob Hubbard composing the music for this game. This now has been confirmed thanks to Jan Harries who had an old email from Rob who confirmed that he did indeed do the music.

Rumor has it that this game was to be a clone of the arcade game “Food Fight”, though this needs to be clarified. John Knox according to Richard Hewison was the guy behind the game but we know little more right now.

From Richard’s site the game apparently contained big fruit according to other members of Telecomsoft at the time.

Status of the game is currently unknown, but we believe a fair old chunk of the game was produced. And now very importantly there is some Rob Hubbard music to try and find too!

In 2015 – Chris Abbott confirmed to GTW64 that the recently recovered “Cheers Rob” HVSC added tune was in fact meant for Food Feud – possibly the in game tune. It is a major finding and at last a piece of the jigsaw found!

Can the game now be found??

Contributions: Jazzcat, Jan Harries, Richard Hewison, Chris Abbott

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27/02/15 – Chris Abbott confirms music for title, now added as a download!

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  1. The first tune for this (rejected) appeared in orchestral form as “Long Lost SID” as part of the Back in Time 4 download from

    The second final tune is now in HVSC as “Cheers, Rob”.

    Confirmed by Rob himself.

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