Harrier Strike

Players Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Also known as: Stella

Our next title in the archives sounds like it should be some kind of jet fighter game, but in fact Harrier Strike was a space shooter which was being written by Duncan Kershaw shortly after Steel Eagle. Originally it was to be called Stella.

Oddly too – but the game is tied to a story about battling against the “Argies” yet again. It seems a slightly confused game.

The game was being written for Players, but sadly at this time people were starting to get bored of space shooters and as a result it was decided not to release the game.

It’s an intriguing title which is mostly a rehash of the engine used for Steel Eagle and various others at that time by Duncan. But it is a nice finding, and seems to be pretty much complete apart from the lack of tunes/sfx by Gerard Gourley and System 6581 (we may find these at a later date). There are shops which you can go into to upgrade weapons and carry on blasting a wide array of enemies.

It’s a shame that no-one picked up the game to release, or even a magazine cover could feature the game – as it has meant rotting away on a disk for about 23 years. Until now that is – we are very proud to present the game for the first time thanks to Duncan going through his work disks.

You can now see for yourself what could have been yet another Players title by Reflective Designs.

Contributions: Duncan Kershaw

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