Operation Mindcrime Xertyn-X


Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5


Even after many years of GTW running, there are still many interesting titles and bits being uncovered, and this was been the case yet again in 2021 with a finding thanks to the preservation efforts of Csaba Virag who found this odd preview on a Hungarian set of C64 disks.

Much was unknown about the title, which is oddly was named just “Mask & Cook” on the disk. It may have been a clue to who was behind the title, though checking some sceners on CSDB didn’t bring anything up which could resolve what this game was and who it was for. However, going through the code and an end sequence was found that established the title as Operation Mindcrime Xertyn-X and the team behind it Novo-soft. This then established that the game had been out there for some time already and actually fully completed: http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=8790&d=18&h=0

The game has a slight feel of Antiriad and Equinox about it, with some nice enough graphics which seem to suggest that it was from the late 80’s/early 90’s. The controls though seem to be a little bit broken at this stage with its controls, and its quite hard to navigate around the map.

It was a bizarre finding at the time, but good to clarify that it was released.

Case closed!

Contributions: Csaba Virag, Dan Warren, Richard Bayliss

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04/04/21 – Confirmed as completed and released! Case closed!

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6 Responses to Operation Mindcrime Xertyn-X

    • Cheers Richard – that should be in the download now. I’ll set to full game and will close the case. Cheers for the heads up! Will credit you and Dan for the confirmations.

    • Cheers Dan – yeah, you have by the looks of it. Originally when the preview was given to us, it had no name attached – so wasn’t until about 5 minutes after the GTW update that someone realised what it was :)

      I’ll close the case for this one – good to know it is out there and finished :)

  1. @fgasking I think a full game of Xertyn-X does actually exist. I am sure a tape version existed somewhere, which featured a piece of music and intro. Music was made in Future Composer if I remember correctly.

    • Hi Richard, that’s interesting to know! Would be good to try and find a copy and close the case on it. Even the copies out there seem like they are previews.

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