Pipe Mania

Magna Media

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Pipe Mania isn’t the same title as released in the early 90’s commercially, but was to be an unofficial clone of sorts done by Magna Media back in 1996. If I remember rightly, Commodore Scene once stated that a company was to release Pipe Mania, and we may have discounted it as being a re-release.

The preview has been out there for some time now thanks to a crack by Hitman. Although the preview states that the game will certainly be finished, it never was – and so all we have is a rather nice looking preview.

The presentation, graphics and sound are very good overall – and with some solid game play – this could have been a pretty good game had it been completed.

So why was the game canned exactly? Well, after the preview was done – the developers lost interest in the game and called time on it. So all that ever existed was this very preview unfortunately.

Case closed!

Contributions: Groepaz

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