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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Psycho Glider FMB , and interestingly titled game which involved gliders!… Created by Pete Andrew for Lothlorien back in the late ’80s, the game was shaping up just fine until something bad happened.

The game was part of a series which included the actual released “Psycho Hopper” and “Psycho Warrior”, which also never made it out.

Incase you were wondering what the FMB stands for, well.. Pete informs me that it was privately referred to as “F**king Mad B*stard”, but obviously not publically :)

The game itself was a vertical scroller with the main player steering a boat up the river, which towed a glider behind it. The man in the glider could swing into land and shoot at things.

Sadly the game never got completed, and for currently unknown reasons, the game never made it out. Hopefully this will be found out soon. With a new credit to a graphics man, hopefully we may trace something of this obscure game.

A fun sounding game, but just how fun we may never know…

Contributions: Pete Andrew

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Pete Andrew speaks about work on Psycho Glider FMB…

“Psycho glider FMB (the FMB stood for ‘F***ing Mad Bastard’ and was one of a few ‘FMB’ titles. The only other I remember was Space Hopper)

This was another vertical scroller, with the player steering a boat up a river, towing a glider behind it, which was where the shooter was hanging. Idea was you had to swing him over land to shoot at things or something.

Graphics were by Lee Cawley”

Pete Andrew .

Lee Cawley speaks about work on Psycho Glider FMB…

“It wasn’t until I got into the emulator scene that I found a working version to have a look at. As for missing games, I was the artist on Psycho Glider with Pete Andrew as the coder.

This was one of the games that as far as I remember, didn’t carry the FMB tag (you are right about what it stood for by the way).

The tag originally came from an operation wolf style game called Psycho Warrior FMB. Once the publishers had discovered what the FMB stood for, they had us remove it from the title.”

Lee Cawley.

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