Retro Torque

Commodore Force

Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Hold on a sec… this looks a little familiar…

Take Player’s"Turbo Kart Racer", jazz up the graphics and change the karts to motorbikes, and you get "Retro Torque".

This little update by Paul Black was done especially for Commodore Force magazine, but was sadly unused as the magazine went under before it could publish it as a covermount game. (Rumoured to be for one of the missing two issues which never got published).

It seems that for whatever reason, Paul Black decided to do up the game using the same engine and get some money back. It isn’t exactly 100% identical, and it’s no different to how Red Max and Last V8 were essentially the same game engine.

Actually, Retro Torque offers many more options and improvements over the original game, although the music is exactly the same. It’s certainly far better than the original Turbo Kart game, especially with regards to presentation.

It will be interesting to learn more about how this game came about and why Paul decided to clone his Turbo Kart engine for Commodore Force. Did Players pay him for Turbo Kart?… Many questions where answers are needed.

Check it out and enjoy, its a nice title and one which Commodore Force users were sadly never to see…

A cheeky, but rather awesome update of Turbo Kart…

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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