Shades Of Evil

White Knight

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Shades of Evil is a game which many of you will never have heard of, due to its almost non-existent publicity when in development.

The game was part of a series of 3 games, some of which actually got out onto the Amiga and Atari machines. It was an adventure game, featuring graphics and some music by C64 scener, "Matrix".

He completed all of his work, and sadly never saw a penny from it, and because of this, he refused to work on the sequels. It is not known exactly if the game has ever made it out. The sequels seem least likely to.

Matrix may have some sources left of the game, and will hopefully see if he can track any of them down for inclusion on GTW in the near future. Then we could possibly get a small glimpse of this intriguing adventure which was taking shape.

Hopeful of finding something of this obscure title…

Contributions: Matrix

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Matrix speaks about work on Shades Of Evil...

"I did the graphics for the C64 version of the Adventure "Shades of Evil", as well as some of the music. I still have some of the source material floating around somewhere..

The game never saw the light of day to my knowing - or if it did i never saw a penny from it. There were supposed to be 3 games in the series, cant remember the 2nd one but Darkstaff was the 3rd incarnation - I think that one got out on amiga & atari,but since i didnt see any profits from my work on the first, i refused to work on the sequels.

Remarkably there is very little to tell, i could write it here easily, i can arrange photographs yes,
I have the original book and audio tape for the game too (the accompanying music that is).

Thinking back, I did do a little work on Darkstaff, not much though and only as a favour. Weapon icons, character icons 2 locations, the navigation screen and the dpainted version of the original map layout. Astounding how stuff slips your mind after so many years and so many projects.

If only i had a way to get them onto the pc from amiga disc, and check that the discs are even still in some kind of readable format after all this time. If memory servers, the game was to have been published by White Knight software, the developer (who never paid me for the work) was Sifon Software. back then I was in the transition from school to college, and not aware of my rights under verbal contract, in short, I got taken for a mug."


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