Space Ace

Michael Holm

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

A game flagged as being intended for Firebird, but very unlikely that it was intended for release by them – but was possibly sent to them by Michael Holm for approval, and subsequently rejected. Well, Michael confirms that he doesn’t recall sending the game off, so we have taken out the Firebird reference.

The game is pretty glitchy, but is a split screen 1/2 player sideways scrolling shooter. The map is a little too tight to make for a fun game overall. There are a few levels packed in, including a sort of mini-uridium level on level 2.

Overall, the title was (in Michael’s own words) a “proof of concept” kind of game before he created his game Timezone. As a result, the game never got beyond the demo that you see here.

So this is it – Space Ace in its final state, and an exercise in programming for the coder!

Case closed!

Contributions: Michael Holm

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