Splidge and the Snowmen

Richard Bayliss

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Splidge and the Snowmen was to be a festive game in the mode of one of Richard Bayliss’ previous games Cetimiex. The game was being created 1999 and Richard was going to release Splidge and the Snowmen for the Christmas issue 27 of Commodore Scene magazine, but unfortunately, the game just wasn’t good enough according to Richard.

The game featured non-christmassy music and wasn’t too playable basically – which was the reason behind Richard cancelling the game and not releasing it.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a demo of the game, as it was lost due to a disk error and the disk was thrown away.

Sadly this may never see the light of day as a result, but Richard does offer hope that it still may show up and above you can now download the music!

This is an open and shut case it seems…

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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