Thunder Ball


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

It isn’t quite known yet, but possibly this is another unfinished X-Ample relic from the past.

This time we have a futuristic one on one game where you have to get the ball into the opponents goal by pushing the ball with your main ship. Basically a top down version of Ballblazer.

Graphically, the game is typical of that of a X-Ample release, which is why the question hangs over if this is actually by them.

Sonically there is no sound or music at all… which is something which could have later been added by Thomas Detert. There is currently nothing in HVSC which can link this game to X-Ample.

The game itself is quite playable, though possibly lacking a lot of features that a full game would have. Certainly a variety of backdrops would be there I would have thought. Some of the gameplay in places is a little grany. Overall it could be around 70% complete at this stage.

I’m not sure how well this works. Certainly without a split screen like Ball Blazer, some of the atmopshere is lost. Maybe the game was scrapped due to some technicalities with the game. It is not a terrible game, its not original either… but it is a quality looking game which sadly didn’t make it.

It is unknown if there was a publisher intended for the game, but i’d hazard a guess at Magic Disk or some German company being intended for this game. We just need to know who was behind this game.

Is there more to this?… we don’t know.

A nice little two player game…

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