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A very quick entry which we will properly flesh out over time.  But this was a Spanish arcade action game which was based on a cartoon of some kind.  The game was split across 4 areas, including a Disco, Beach, Ship and an Acid House.

It was released on the Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX – but the C64 version (although listed) never surfaced.  More details (in Spanish) can be found here:

We are not quite sure why the C64 version never surfaced in the end, but hopefully will find out very soon!  One thing we believe is that the game had ported graphics from the Spectrum.

Thanks to MT153, it seems the game was actually printed in a magazine as both BASIC and Machine code.  We attach the magazine here, but maybe someone would fancy having a go and seeing if this is indeed the full game?   It could be a nice title to recover!

Contributions: mt148

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11 Responses to Toi Acid Game

  1. mt153 says:

    In the magazine “Commodore World” (Spanish Edition) nº 64 (the last number published) appears a list of code (i think only some part) some of the code seems in Assembler and the rest is in basic, y don’t understand how type those thinks so if an experienced programmer can give it a try?.

  2. Fabrizio says:

    I suspected that, Frank, too good to be true :(.

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