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The unknown Vietnam game was another title which never was from Orpheus Software, and was a wargame that tried to cash in on the many Vietnam films that were around at the time.

It apparently may have come from Tim Holland of Databyte as an idea, but for reasons yet unknown – the game never made it. It was likely never finished or released due to Orpheus going under.

Just how far the game got, we do not know and yet do not know who was coding the game exactly. Geoff was unable to remember who was doing the game.

It is still early days yet, but if you know any more – please get in touch!

Contributions: Geoff Phillips

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Creator speaks

Geoff Phillips recalls a Vietnam game from his Orpheus days:

“Other lost games… a wargame that centred around Vietnam to cash in on the many Vietnam films that seemed to be around. Gosh, we probably worked on all sorts of things. Orpheus had a young Mark Avory, he showed us some amazing things he was working on – I think he went on to do Choplifter. He was very, very shy. I’d like to think that we started him on the road to better things. We should have got him to complete some of his Commodore 64 ideas, but money was tight and we were tied up with only doing conversions and commission pieces.

Vietnam was one of the ideas I think that came from Tim Holland of Databyte. Can’t find him these days – hope he’s still with us, he was perhaps in his mid to late thirties back then… I contacted First Star Software’s boss… urm… Dick Spitalny…. and had a nice email back, he didn’t know where Tim went to. It was just preliminary work, nothing concrete. I’m grateful to Tim, because the sequence of events from one of Tim’s contacts led me to a great job that lasted 10 years.”

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