Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Also known as: Lingos, Guesser


Our next entry in the archives is a simple puzzler from 1995 which is described by Gamebase as being a Mastermind style game.

To be honest, I only quickly loaded the game up to get a feel for it and a screenshot – and I wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing. It seems to be functional as a game, just lacking polish overall. The title screen does clearly state that it is just a preview at this stage.

It seemed nothing more happened after this, so we didn’t know if the game was finished or what happened next at this stage.

Contributor Gaz Spence did some great investigations, and found that the game (which we originally named as Lingo), was called Zgadula and released by the demo group Miracle in 1994. It was later cracked under the name Lingos.

It seems that the game was later finished off and overhauled, released in 1995 on CP Verlag/Magic Disk as Guesser, which you can find in Gamebase. As a result, we can safely close the case on this one.

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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2 Responses to Zgadula

  1. A slightly convoluted situation with this game. It appears the original preview is called Zgadula as released by the demo group, Miracle, in 1994. This is available on csdb in its pure form. It seems that the cracked version was simply renamed to Lingos.

    However, what is more interesting is that the coder of this preview actually released a game called Guesser through Magic Disk in 1995 which is probably what Zgadula turned into, albeit with a major make-over.

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