GTW64 September 2022 update

As the summer draws to a close, we present 4 new entries, and 17 updates overall to various titles. We’ve added a new entry for Visualize’s Kung-Fu Warrior, which oddly we haven’t added until now. A strange C64 conversion of a C16 classic that had limited release in Spain and a number of tidy ups for many titles.

4 new entries added

Amphora of the Star GodExorcistKung-Fu WarriorPepe’s Garden

17 updates added

Absolute BeginningAndy Rixon GameAquablastAutoguardBrainBreakIce AgeLethal XcessLiberationLittle BeauLiverpool V1Nigel Mansell’s Grand PrixQuo VadisQuondamRastan V1, The Magic Roundabout, Tunes n TriviaXybots

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