Ice Age


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A very obscure title now, and yet another Firebird title to enter the archives.

Ice Age mainly has come to light due to the SID file which is in HVSC that Jeroen Tel did for this game. However, no game of this title ever made it onto the C64, so it begs the question “What happened?”

After quizzing Jeroen about the game, he suggested that it was a game either programmed by Ian and Mick Jones, or by Ashley Routledge and Dave Saunders. Mick Jones however confirmed that the game was not by him or Ian, so is it therefore Ash n Dave?

We’re digging around now to try and find out more, but at the moment nothing seems to be known. No other game by Firebird was released with Jeroen’s music in it, so it seems like the game was never released.

Not much else to say for now, but hopefully we’ll find out more soon…

Contributions: Jeroen Tel. Michael Jones

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23/05/15 – Added previously unseen SFX demo

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  1. > No other game by Firebird was released with Jeroen’s music in it

    Pedantic correction: Savage and Combat Crazy were Firebird titles with JT music, albeit the latter was released under the Silverbird sub-brand.

    Some pure speculation on my part: is it possible that “Ice Age” is actually Tyger Tyger? That’s a Firebird game from a programmer and artist who were active on Compunet (like A&D and I&M), and the GtW entry for it lists it as having music by Maniacs of Noise, and the dates – roughly – match up.

    • Wow, can’t believe I wrote that, as I love Savage! :) … I’ll get that corrected asap, thanks John and thanks for the heads up.

      I think that is certainly plausible! I’ll see if I can find out some more about that and get confirmation.

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