Dionysus III

Big Time Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

This is a game which I have known about for many years. I first became good friends with Jason Kelk when I found out that he was a big C64 enthusiast that worked in one of my local computer gaming shops.
When I first got my C64 disk drive, Jason asked me for a few blank disks and copied some of his work onto them for me to check out. These included previews of Warflame, Cyberwing, a Blagger style platformer, a few SEUCK efforts and Dionysus III.

Jason at the time was trying to produce games under his Big Time Software label, and the list was impressive. After seeing Reaxion on the covermount of Commodore Format, I was very excited to see more.

Dionysus III was to be the second title from Jason to go onto the Power Pack, as the title screen shows. What was neat was the inclusion of speech generated by the Superior Soft Speech program (I believe?) which had just recently been put onto a CF covermount. The titles and end sequence were all in place, and a few levels pathched in. The enemies were just borrowed sprites from Reaxion for now, but the main aeroplane sprite was in place.
One thing I always liked as well was the cover of Sometimes by Erasure – first time I had heard the tune before the real one itself.

A very promising preview – which you will see is very familiar to GR9 Strike Force in many ways. The game however never got finished, as Jason lost interest in the project and decided to move onto other things.

At somepoint the preview was leaked out into the wild, so this is why i’m adding it to GTW64 now (in comparison to another preview I have of Jason’s – which he doesn’t want released). I have included Jason’s original file he sent me, as the crack copy has corrupted the title screen and introduction speech. It is the same build of the game.

Hopefully Jason will give his input at somepoint for the Creator Speaks section

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