Double Crotch


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

This neat columns clone was coded by Axiom, with graphics by Modern Bob.

Both were members of "Lotus" (from "Lotus&Crazy") in those days. They joined "Genesis*Project" later.

There was a far more advanced version of this game, which had FLI-graphics. A version which Christian Widmann (Widdy) actually had, but unfortunatly may have lost. Christian is actually a friend of the creators of this fine game.

MBob is rumoured to still have his disks, though Axiom gave all his C64 disks away.

This is currently great little Columns clone which looks fine… we hope that Chris can find something for us :)… A more advanced version of this game would be most welcomed.

Contributions: Christian Widmann

Supporting content

Available downloads

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