Pigs on Marse


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Pigs on Marse was an interesting looking RPG which was advertised back in Ahoy! in March 1985.

The game was highlighted to us thanks to Matthew Goode who got in touch and supplied a scan of the advert from the magazine. It looked an interesting product, coming with a 100 page cartoon book to help you complete the game. The pig theme of the game looked very interesting game too, possibly making the whole thing a lot of fun.

But what happened to it? Unfortunately nothing of the game has surfaced so far, which suggests that the game never actually got released. Or did it in limited form?

It’s early days, but do you have this game? … and can you help us digitally preserve it if it did get released?

Or did you work on the game and know why it didn’t get released? Steve Rogers – are you out there?

Was it too ambitious to release with the 100 page cartoon book? Marsoft sadly never released any other games, so it is possible that they just ran out of money.

Help us find out more about this interesting sounding RPG!

Contributions: Matthew Goode

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