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Our next entry, Rebel Star 2 is a bit of an odd one as the first game never even got released on the C64 either. But sure enough the sequel was advertised by Silverbird in Zzap issue 44.

After contacting Richard Hewison from The Bird Sanctuary website, he confirmed that they mostly released adverts which never rang actually true. So it seemed that this was purely vapourware.

Thanks to @C64Takeaway, we have had confirmation from Julian Gollop himself to say that the C64 version never existed. So it seemed Richard was right!

BUT – a twist in the tale – as Dave Korn confirmed in 2015 that he definately converted Rebelstar 2 to the C64. He is very certain that the game was never actually canned, but although he completed the port – Telecomsoft was sold off and shut down before it could be published.

This certainly the case as Silverbird ceased to be! So we now have a full game to try and find, and Dave is hopeful that he may be able to find it some day in his attic.

The game was ported across directly from the Spectrum to the C64, which you can read more about soon hopefully if Dave gives permission. It roughly took only a day to get the majority converted, and maybe a few more for tidy ups!

Watch this space!

Contributions: Richard Hewison, C64Takeaway, Julian Gollop, Dave Korn

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13/01/2015 – Dave Korn confirms writing the sequel, and that it was complete!

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  1. Gutted to hear game was finished, but never released.I poured so many hours into C64 Laser Squad+Lords Of Chaos, yet we had crumbs from the table compared to ZX Speccy owners.

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