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GTW64 September 2021 update

Another month already, and not entirely sure where the time has gone! A slightly busier update this month, as we have gone through and tidied up some of the pages and removed a load of broken links, as well as adding our usual scan additions and small updates over the past 4 weeks. Hopefully in some way this will provide a highlight of some titles you may not have seen or read about yet.

Undead to be “resurrected”!


News just in, with Undead to be put into development once more after 31 years since its cancellation. Yet another title that could escape the vaults!


2 new entries added

History Package, Tetris

109 updates added

Accilatem, Ace In The Hole, Acid House, Ala Software, Alien 8, Alien Syndrome V1, Alternate Reality – Missing parts, Appointment With Fear, Arcade Wizzard, Atic Atac, Atlantian Continue reading

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1991 Core Design

Platforms: Commodore Amiga and Atari ST

Following on from the recent post on Cyber Fight, comes yet another 3D futuristic sports title in the shape of Retro. A title being developed for Core Design by Steve Northcott (programming) and Simon Phipps (artwork).

No doubt with a bit of inspiration from the recent success of Speedball 2, the Core Design duo had come up with a nifty 3D polygon routine and sprite algorithm to come up with a potentially winning formula (or so it seemed!).


ACE magazine gave a bit of background story to the game, suggesting that teams from all over the Solar System compete in the Retro League. Each game pitting two heavily armed and heavily armoured teams of six players against each other in a no-holds-barred scrap. Continue reading

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Chess through the ages

1995 Black Legend

Platform: PC, Amiga 1200 and CD32

Chess Through The Ages is an unreleased chess game for Commodore Amiga 1200 and CD32 (possibly even PC – see further on). First kicked off in development around 1993 and eventually was set to be released in 1995 – it was never to be.


Heavily inspired by Battle Chess, the game was to feature decent animated chess pieces across a variety of different background styles. Some of the chess pieces look to have featured Star Wars characters too – including R2 D2 (not sure what licencing went on there). Continue reading

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Turbo Charge

1991 System 3

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Once known as Borderline during its early development, Turbo Charge was inspired by the driving section that featured within Vendetta, an earlier game by System 3.


The game was released on the Commodore 64 in late 1991 to much acclaim, making up for the terrible conversion of Chase HQ from Ocean. You see, this was very much heavily inspired by Chase HQ, where you had to hunt down criminals across a number of stages. Continue reading

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Dennis and Gnasher

1994 Alternative Software

Platforms: Commodore Amiga and PC

I wasn’t a huge comic book fan growing up, but I still liked to get the occasional copy of the Beano in the UK, where my favourite part was always Dennis the Menace. Probably because I was a kid who used to get up to all kinds of trouble around the same time.


It was news to me then that Alternative Software were planning to release a game based on the character and his dog Gnasher back in 1994, and it was thanks to @mcbpete and @yorecomputer for the heads up. Various magazines including The One, Amiga Power and Amiga Format would preview the game, showcasing a neat isometric style title. Continue reading

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1985 Aardvark Software

Platform: Amstrad CPC

A short entry which is thanks to @nivrig and @ChinnyVision for posting on Twitter a few days ago.

Amstrad Computer User in June 1985 had posted a short news item regarding an Amstrad CPC conversion of the classic Nick Pelling game.

The game had only just recently been converted to the C64 and released by State Soft, which the article refers to and how it suffered from the lower res graphics utilized.

The magazine snippet suggested that the game was due out shortly with up to 256 levels. There would also be a new competition – the “Grand master Frak challenge”, with a first prize of an original Frak illustration, second prize of a cuddly Trogg and third being £25 of software. Continue reading

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GTW64 August 2021 update

As the summer starts to draw to a close, we preserve an early Hungarian Tetris clone thanks to Csaba Virag. Then we take a look at what seems to be a long lost Commodore 64 conversion of a PET/VIC 20 title, two other Magic-series sets of titles that are at large, a long lost and promising game from Norway and a potential conversion of a late Mikro-Gen title. This along with 16 updates to existing entries, with a few findings and additional details added. Enjoy! Continue reading

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