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2005 Detalion Games

Platform PC

Its with thanks to Liqmatrix that we learn about Galander, which was an action game that was being developed for the PC back in 2005 by Detalion Games.


On their archived website, the plot was detailed as being one which absorbs the player, where there are unexpected twists that will force you to change your behaviour in the game. Continue reading

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Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks and Mandrake: Shadow of the Vehme prototypes

2003 Microids / 7th Sense

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Joe Douglas sheds light on two cancelled Defenders of the Earth character Game Boy Advance titles, The Phantom and Mandrake, that were due for release in 2003. This piece was originally written for Joe’s Chronicle Chamber website back in 2016, though Joe has kindly allowed us to mirror the recovery and downloads in case you missed it originally and to add to the GTW archives. We now hand over to Joe:

The majority of phans will be aware of the Defenders of the Earth video game that was released for various home computers in 1990 and, of course, the arguably more famous Phantom 2040 game released for the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Game Gear and Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. But did you know that the Phantom almost had a third console outing, along with fellow Lee Falk creation Mandrake the Magician, in 2003?


In the world of video games it is not uncommon for games to begin being developed only to be unceremoniously cancelled and never heard from again. Indeed, some games reach a near complete state with only the smallest of fine tuning left before the plug is pulled. The stories behind these cancelled games are many and varied but always fascinating. To help uncover the secrets of these two games, ChronicleChamber contacted Sebastiano Mandala, one of the founders of Italian video game design studio 7th Sense Studios who were tasked with developing the games. Continue reading

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GTW64 July 2022 update

A bit more up to speed this month, with 5 more new entries, including a large catalogue listing to try and find a bunch of software that may not yet be preserved and a homebrew title that hasn’t seen the light of day since 1991. Then a nice 16 updates to existing archive titles with some tidy ups and new information in places.

5 new entries added

BrainBreak, BlockieDynacomp catalog titlesMegváltóOperation Neptune

16 updates added

Catch 23Dungeons Of DeathEnduro Racer V2English InvadersIndiana Jones And The Last Crusade V1, Jonny Quest and the Splinter of HeavenMega GamesMindbending Aliens From HyperspaceMurder!NefariousPulsatorR-Type V1Scooby DooThe FlintstonesThe JetsonsWilberforce

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Guardian Moons

1989 Microdeal

Platform: Atari ST

According to ST/Amiga Format’s preview of our next unreleased game entry, Guardian Moons had you in the control of a sadistic and psychotic terrorist who has to go around causing chaos and destruction everywhere. The objective would be to destroy eight guardian moons that protect the peaceful planet of Gargamadua.

guardian moons1

From the limited screenshots, the game seems to be a sort of Transbot-style game, but its hard to tell. Details about what you do exactly in the game are quite sparse. Continue reading

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The Mind Possessing Aliens from Hyperspace

1991 Demonware

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, C64 (see link below) and PC

Originally we knew of this game thanks to its appearance in an Early Warning scanner in Commodore Format magazine. This was for the C64 edition, which we have covered already under the C64 GTW archive site. Our focus for this page is for the Amiga and PC editions which are also currently missing.

mind640 1

The basic story line was of a Mad Doctor Von Stal discovering a way to send people into hyperspace, but hasn’t worked out how to get them back. But also how to stop the flood of monsters coming through the opening he’s created and are taking over people’s minds.

Continue reading
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Batman Returns

1993 Gametek

Platform: Atari ST (also Commodore 64 – See link below)

We have had a detailed page on the cancelled C64 development for quite some time – but hadn’t realised that an Atari ST edition once existed until flagged up by Ross Sillifant.

Batman Returns was previewed in ST Action issue 63 back in June 1993, and showed a number of screenshots of the game in progress. The game was being developed by Denton Designs, where according to the article, John Heap was the programmer, with Ally Noble and Dawn Jones on graphics, and with Fred Gray on music.

bat1 640

The game was initiated in October 1992 according to the article, and was due for release in September 1993. Oddly though, the film was released in July 1992, and it seemed quite late for the game, where usually games were developed to co-incide with the film release. Continue reading

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