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Tir Na Nog

1995 Psygnosis

Platform: PC

Just over ten years after its original release on the ZX Spectrum, Psygnosis planned to release an update to the classic adventure game for PC users back in 1995.


The gameplay would consist of hand-to-hand combat, puzzle solving and exploration, where the main protagonist, Cuchulainn, will encounter many strange beasts on their travels. Psygnosis described the game as a strategy role-playing title with a mixture of humour and atmosphere. Continue reading

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Ninja Quest

1992 Gremlin

Platform: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST

A short entry for a title that was due to be a Ninja-themed version of Hero Quest, building upon the successful Gremlin adaptation of the board game.

Mentioned in the news pages of The One magazine in June 1992 very briefly, nothing more was seen or heard of the supposed development. Continue reading

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1992 Mindscape

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Released on Super Nintendo and SEGA Mega Drive, Outlander was also once due for release on the Commodore Amiga too by Mindscape in 1992. The game is described by our very own Karl Kuras as a “Mad Max meets Technocop” game, where there are driving sections with horizontal scrolling beat-em-up sequences.


The storyline for the game is set in the not to distant future, where the world has been ravaged by a biological weapons experiment gone wrong. Psychopathic megalomaniacs kidnap a scientist, intending to force them to build an even worse weapon to hold the planet to ransom. Your job as a mercenary is to crash into the wasteland and try and save the scientist. Continue reading

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Super Ant Attack

1992 Sandy White

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Back in late 1991, Commodore User magazine reported that Sandy White was back on the scene and working on a plan to bring back Ant Attack as a new spruced up title for the Commodore Amiga.

Even CU suggested not to quote them on the title, and that details were virtually non-existant, with the exception of some initial ideas for a larger, more detailed play area and the title of Super Ant Attack.

When more was to come to light, then CU were to report it – but of course, nothing did come of it it seems. So the big question is whether anything was ever started? Continue reading

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North and South 2

1991 Infogrames

Platform: Commodore Amiga (+ potentially others)

A very short entry for a potential sequel that was planned to come from Infogrames in 1991/1992.

After the success of North and South, it is perhaps no surprise that thoughts were on a sequel. Though apart from a “on the grapevine” feature in Zero magazine, nothing else ever seemed to surface. Continue reading

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The Cliffhanger – Edward Randy

1991 Elite

Platform: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, PC (also C64)

We have covered this title already on our main C64 site, though this Data East arcade title was also due for release on other major 16-bit platforms too of the time.

Featured in a number of magazines as news items, no screenshots of any of the conversions were ever shown – suggesting that its possible nothing was ever started. Continue reading

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