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1997 Unknown

Platform: Commodore Amiga 1200

An adventure game from Germany that would be inspired by titles such as Myst, Secrets of the Luxor and Monkey Island.


Not much is known apart from some brief text from Polish magazine ACS, which described the plot as being based on a science fiction story. The graphics in the game were to be all rendered with video sequences and ray tracing (at the time they were being hand-drawn) and as a result the game was to be released on CD. Continue reading

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GTW64 April 2022 update

For April 2022 we have the following new additions and updates for the site, including yet another unfinished Tetris game that has been recovered. A large chunk of new entries are for titles which may have been released, but have not yet been digitally preserved and made available in places such as Gamebase64.

Tetrix and TV Foci previews recovered

Yet another Hungarian Tetris clone and a very early pong demo that has been recovered thanks to Csaba Virag.

Tetrix, TV Foci

12 other new entries added

Bible Research Systems titlesDaybreak Software titlesEducational Activities, Inc. titlesK-TEK Software titlesLOGO-Logic 1, Journalist, Micro Application titlesSprites Software titlesSunburst Communications titlesTetrisUnknown RPGVapour

26 updates added

Bak PakkerBall-JobCaptain AmericaChampionship Golf at Pebbles BeachCovermount casualtiesCyclone DuelDefensiveEdward RandyFlashbackFormule 1GremlinsI Of The MaskIron MaidenKarnov V1Last Ninja V1Mumbles – SuperspyPlayWriter seriesPyramid Of TimeRainbow BombRazzmatazzRings Of Medusa 2Stargate LegacyStarsatTop-Hole GolfWarriors

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Jekyll and Hyde

1992 Palace Software

Platform: Commodore Amiga CDTV

An ambitious title from Palace Software, which was due for release on the failed CDTV platform. An interactive movie game, where scenes would feature proper actors.

Shortly after completing Demoniak, Palace Software were inspired from that title to go one step further to move away from text based interaction and move to a fully graphical experience.


The idea was to do a game on the famous Jekyll and Hyde, and the team would spend 9 months or so experimenting with digitised live action using a Rombo VIDI-Amiga system. The experiments were successful, leading to continue development and push ahead with the title. Continue reading

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ATR early screens

Team 17’s great racing game for amiga was of course finished and released, though there were some early scenes from the game that didn’t quite make it into the final game. The following comes courtesy of GTW’s Grzegorz Antosiewicz.

One picture is from from Rikki magazine 1994 issue 5.

ATR Riki 5 94

This shows three trucks on the racing track, probably as an additional obstacle to oil on asphalt. In the final game, there is one track with trucks that are close to the road, but on the left side and with a different design. Continue reading

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1991 Team 17

Platform: Commodore Amiga

It hadn’t been long since the release of Speedball 2, when Team 17 decided to get in on the act. Whereas Speedball 2 was inspired by the classic 1975 film, Team 17 may have been about to do something more officially based on the film.

However, Commodore User magazine (who reported about the game in their news section) suggested that the title would be inspired by the C64 IJK game Rocket Ball (not Rollerball as they incorrectly specify). This game itself was also inspired by the Rollerball film. Continue reading

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PC Demo CD preserved

Following on from January’s contribution from Jürgen Clausen, we have another CD that has been preserved with some 1994 PC demos before it was chucked in the bin.

Cover 1

Jürgen has kindly made backups and scans of a package called Greenwood Game Sampler, which we have uploaded onto

You can now check these out for yourself at

A huge thank you to Jürgen Clausen for preserving.

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GTW64 March 2022 update

How is it March already? Here is yet another GTW64 update for 2022 with a bunch of new entries, including 8 new entries to the archive, and a bunch of updates for 29 titles in all. Enjoy!

8 new entries added

ArrivoBall-JobBlobBrain DeathCityfighterMat ManiaOperation IronhawkParadroid V1

29 updates added

Adam CavemanAurumBalls Of The Scrolling ThunderBrain BlastersBrainway – Find the Way or… Die!Cyber CopDetective TakashiIn The BeginningKarnov V1LifespanMetal Warrior 4 V1Mumbles – SuperspyOperation Mindcrime Xertyn-XPhantasm and FantasyPopulousRazzmatazzRhyme LandS.D.IScarabaeus 2Space AceSpookyStargate LegacyStarsatTears of RageTop-Hole GolfValentines DayWeebles AdventuresYour Computer Software ExchangeZombies, Undead Or Alive

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