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A colourful single screen platform adventure game comes in the form of a oddly named game ‘Pluff’… Named after the blobby main character who has to go around various rooms collecting various objects, in classic JSW style action. The game … Continue reading

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Primary Maths Tutor

Another GTW from Channel 8 Software, this game presumably followed a similar pattern to other GTWs, ‘Gotcha’ Maths and Toddler Tutor, essentially being educational games for young children. There isn’t any more information on these games sadly, they have entries … Continue reading

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Proteus thumbnail

A very big thanks to Mauricio Muñoz Lucero for highlighting this one for us. Proteus is basically Warhawk V1 which has recently surfaced thanks to the author of Warhawk digging out his unreleased software whilst he develops the new Warhawk … Continue reading

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Putty Squad

1994-2013 System 3 Platforms: Apple iOS, Commodore Amiga 1200, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii U, PC (DOS + Windows), SEGA Mega Drive, Sony PlayStation 2 and Sony PlayStation Portable As part of the launch and release of The … Continue reading

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