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It was slightly beyond belief when this game turned up on Commodore Format’s powerpack. Sadly it signalled the end of another C64 company as the C64 slowly died. Beyond Belief had planned Shellshock to be released on their label, after … Continue reading

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Ski Run

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Confirmed as released (thanks to Steven Flanagan) and can be found via Gamebase64: http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=24659&d=18&h=0 http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=23582&d=18&h=0 Case closed!

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Soda Shop

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Thanks to the great efforts of Peepo and Tom Roger Skauren, many disks have been preserved that used to belong to the late Gary Sabin – who wrote the US Gold loading music and handled mastering duties. The disks were … Continue reading

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Solar Jetman

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A famous sequel to a famous series of games, Solar Jetman was released on the NES platform, and other 8-bit conversions were planned, including the C64 and Spectrum. A little news snippet was mentioned once in Zzap about the conversion … Continue reading

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