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Ice Palace

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1983 Xonox Platform: Commodore VIC-20 There has been a little flurry of late with regards to VIC-20 recoveries, and towards the end of 2023, yet another was found thanks to ItsAllDougAndGames, who brought a set of cartridges from an auction … Continue reading

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Illusions was to be a Intellivision game conversion to the C64 by the Mattel Electronics France offices. It was scheduled, but apparently never worked on, though it was given an id of #7857 on diskette. The catalogue entry for the … Continue reading

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Into The Nature

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A small play area, some nice graphics, some fair playability and some great music… This is what this preview consists of. You control a smartly animated bird which flys around and collects objects, while avoiding other flying creatures. Its not … Continue reading

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