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A strange game which was popular on the Amiga, mainly for its wacky animation. This game featured a blue blob of putty which could mould itself into numerous shapes and absorb strange creatures to help defeat a geezer called Dazzledaze. … Continue reading

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Putty Squad

1994-2013 System 3 Platforms: Apple iOS, Commodore Amiga 1200, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii U, PC (DOS + Windows), SEGA Mega Drive, Sony PlayStation 2 and Sony PlayStation Portable As part of the launch and release of The … Continue reading

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Sadly another puzzle game which I don’t have much information about. Nor do I know how to play. If I haven’t mentioned it earlier, then if anyone would care to elborate about how some of these games are meant to … Continue reading

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R-Type V1

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The famous sideways scroller R-Type was in fact released on the C64 by Electric Dreams, but a different version to what was originally planned and was being worked on. Our first real knowledge of something being slightly odd was after … Continue reading

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