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The Great Giana Sisters

2010 TRSI64

Platform: Commodore Vic 20

I’ve seen some amazing developments over the years for the Vic 20 – a proper decent conversion of Manic Miner, isometric games in the style of the classic Ultimate titles and now a conversion of the classic C64 Super Mario Bros. rip off The Great Giana Sisters.

This was no official development being created back in the day at Rainbow Arts, but an unofficial conversion by TRSI64 back in 2010. Unfortuntaely this impressive looking conversion only seems to have got as far as scrolling most of the level data – with no main character or enemies implemented. Music is also missing – but what we have is something that looks very close to the C64 classic.

It is seriously impressive, even at this very early stage – and it would have been interesting to see the sprites implemented and how they would have come out. Possibly the SID music could have maybe been emulated through Aleksi Eeben’s impressive Sid Vicious player.

Things have clearly stalled with development, which is a huge shame. Hopefully we’ll get to hear from TRSI64 to learn more about the development and if it got any further than what we can see here. Maybe some day they may return to finish it off.

With thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for the heads up.


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1994 Team 17

Platforms: Amiga 1200 and CD32

Our next entry is a slightly obscure fighting game that was due for release on the Amiga 1200 and CD32. The game was set to be published by Team 17.


Oddly, the game wasn’t really covered much by magazines of the time. Only Amiga Dreams/Amiga Concept would do a short write up on the title. It could be possibly because the title isn’t correct. The main header on one part saying CHOKIGESSEN and the main text and quotes saying CHOKEGISEN. Neither produced any further results online.

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AGTW blows the lid on CyberSpace

It wasn’t too long ago when we did a short post on the unreleased Amiga edition of Empire’s CyberSpace. In the meantime, Amiga Games That Weren’t and Adrian Simpson were digging further already and were in touch with much of the development team that had worked on the game.


Adrian has set up a wonderfully detailed area on the game, complete with interviews, design details about the game and what happened to it. A huge added bonus was that Adrian was kindly provided a demo to take screenshots from the PC edition, which have not been seen digitally online until now.

Hopefully over time, Adrian will be able to help preserve the Amiga edition and show something of it in the future. Check it out at

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Combat Remix

1998 Low-Level Productions

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Combat Remix was a late Amiga fighting game that was due for release back in 1998 from a group called Low Level, highlighted to GTW thanks to regular Grzegorz Antosiewicz.

This is a short entry for now, as very little is actually known about the game and what happened to it. The only trace found so far seems to be from an old web archived site called Amiga Nutta, where there were 3 screenshots shown, as well as a few brief news snippets in Amiga Informer, Amiga Fever and The Games Machine Italia.

combatremix2 large

The game was looking pretty decent, and had obviously a lot of influence from Street Fighter for the character in yellow – and Grzegorz also suggests Piccolo from Dragon Ball for the second character. The backgrounds quite possibly were borrowed from other various games too – which suggests that it was indeed a combat “remix” in many ways, and maybe that was the intention.

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GTW64 May 2021 update

How is it May already? A slightly smaller update this month with just 3 new entries, but there are 32 updates to various titles in the archive. Mostly tidy ups of old pages, but also some new information too for some of them and some new scans.

3 new entries added

Alien Syndrome V1, Miami Vice, Stareggs V1

32 updates added

Arc Doors 2, Batty Builders, Big Nose The Caveman, CJ’s 4th Adventure, Cattivik, Covermount casualties, Double Dragon V1, FSS Liberator, Frixxion, Hangman’s Hazard, Inspector Gadget, Last Ninja V1, Make My Day!, Mega Games, Moebius Strip, Murder!, Nimitz, Obliterator, Operation Mindcrime Xertyn-X, Plum Duff, Prince Of Persia, Pyramids Of The Sun, Rolling Ronny 2, Rugby World Cup 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Subclavian, Super Thief, System X, The Search For Sharla, Twin Turbo V8, UXB, Ultrabulb

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Games That Weren’t book back in stock!

I’ve been completely blown away by the support when The Games That Weren’t book was launched late last year, and even more so when it completely sold out by the start of the new year.

After a number of queries asking if there was going to be another production run, i’m pleased to announce that there has been and the book is now available once more via

So if you missed out the first time and would like to grab a copy, then now’s your chance. Thanks for all your support everyone!


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Learn with Dizzy

1992 Codemasters

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and PC

It’s with thanks to the wonderful website and their eagle eyes that we learn of yet another Dizzy game that never was. This was no arcade or arcade adventure game this time though, with Codemasters deciding to branch into the realms of educational software.

Dizzy was clearly a very popular title with young aged gamers at the time, and Codemasters must have felt a great opportunity to push into the educational sector with their appealing character.

learn with dizzy

To be released for the Amiga, ST and PC, the game would encourage 3-6yr olds to explore rooms in Dizzy’s house, Daisy’s house and the park. Each location would be full of different objects which, when activated would display their name, make a sound or become animated. Children may be asked to find a particular object too. Continue reading

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