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Time Bomb

1977 Atari

Platform: Arcade

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are gradually adding assets and content that didn’t make it to print as bonus content to share with you. The book contains a detailed 6 page full story about the unreleased 1970’s Atari arcade, Time Bomb – talking to those involved in the development, with input from Chris Downend, Lyle Rains and John Ray. Check out our growing Bonus Content page for more materials added over time.

When discussing the game with John Ray, it was established that archivist Scott Evans was now the keeper of the prototype. Scott has created a video of the game in action, which you can see below. Special artist re-pixelled versions of the screens from the video shots were made and printed in the book. Continue reading

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PFA Soccer Manager

1998 Krisalis / Psygnosis / Eidos

Platform: PC

Contributor Niklas Lindholm has been trying to solve a mystery about a football management game that would just disappear completely without a trace.

Krisalis had already previously had released a title called PFA Player of the Year back in 1996, and tried to make extra use of the PFA licence by creating yet another management title called PFA Soccer Manager. This would be a management game built to run in Windows 95, making use of the codebase and interface style. However, they state that console versions were to be planned. Continue reading

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Sir Stanley Matthews

Date unknown – Audiogenic

Platforms: Unknown

A short entry for now for a title flagged up by contributor Niklas Lindholm, which was a licenced game based on the legendary footballer Sir Stanley Matthews.

The game was mentioned by Audiogenic’s Peter Calver in an interview by Atari Compendium, where he is quoted as saying:

“I do miss having so many imaginative people around me, though, and I certainly regret never producing the 1930s football game we designed after signing up Sir Stanley Matthews.”

We got in touch with Peter, who confirmed that the game only ever got to a concept stage, when the project was put on hold. They didn’t get as far unfortunately as deciding what platforms the game was going to be on.

So sadly, the game was very much at the very early stages with nothing to find.

Case closed!

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1979 Larry Rosenthal

Platform: Arcade

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are gradually adding assets and content that didn’t make it to print as bonus content to share with you.

The book contains a detailed 8 page full story about the unreleased 1979 arcade, Oops – talking to Larry Rosenthal and Dan Sunday about the development, and how it evolved over time. As there were no gameplay screenshots to show, the piece features artist impressions of how the game could have looked. Continue reading

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Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge

2001 Mythos Games

Platforms: PC and Sony PlayStation 2

By the creators of UFO: Enemy Unknown and being led by Julian Gollop, and was a 3D evolution of the previous X-COM strategy games produced by Mythos Games. The press at the time were very excited about the game, and one even felt it could have been one of the greatest turn-based strategy games ever produced. Continue reading

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Various unreleased Amiga titles

A short post to highlight two Amiga titles that never were (thanks to Karl Kuras) which were mentioned in the pages of Commodore User magazine.

The Legend of Billy Boulder

This title was actually due for release on PC and Atari ST, as well as Amiga. Although fully reviewed by two magazines, it never surfaced for any platform it seems. The reviews were fairly poor, but when would that give U.S. Gold an excuse not to release a game? Continue reading

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GTW64 update for September 2020

Pretty much the end of summer already and time of the month for another GTW64 update, with various updates and additions that were added over the past month.

2 new entries added

Elite 2, The Spelling Bee

31 updates added

A Chance In Hell, Arcade Wizzard, Astromine, Barbarian 3, Circus Fun!, Counting Bee, Dungeons Of Death, Dying High, Dynablaster, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade V1, Jimmy’s Grand Prix, Joust, Koshimo, Lemmings V1, Liverpool V1, Lunar Jetman, Maze Patrol, Megatree, Mindsmear, Miner Willy Meets The Taxman, Mumbles – Superspy, Operation Thunderbolt V1, Pipemania 2: Plumber’s World, Starglider 2, Sturmtruppen, The Final Matrix, Titus The Fox, Top Wrestling, Total Recall V1, Tujad, Zzap Italia homebrew

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