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George A Sisyphean Drama

1992 Marcus Hamilton

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, PC and Atari ST

A bizarre name for an intriguing puzzle game that was due for release on the Amiga, ST and PC platforms back in 1992. Not much is currently known about the game, and it was only seemingly previewed in Joystick magazine in October 1992.

Clipboard02 640

In the magazine article, the story goes that Sisyphus, who offended the Gods, was condemned for eternity eternity to roll stones up a mountain just to see them tumble and to start over and over again (a very severe punishment! ). Millennia have passed and men have forgotten Sisyphus and the warning he exemplified. The Gods are therefore again very angry and decide to appoint a new Sisyphus. Continue reading

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Return of the Tiger

1992 Gremlin

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Nintendo Game Boy (+ potentially others)

Tucked away in a news page in Commodore User magazine was a snippet that talks about Gremlin being set to update an old 8-bit classic – The Way Of The Tiger. Once again casting the player as a fighting hero who must participate in a number of events.

Nothing else was really mentioned and the line went dead at this point. Continue reading

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Hatchbacks of Doom

2001 Delsyd Software

Platform: AmigaOne

Initially there were big plans with Delsyd Software, with a team of 8 people, a hope to develop a host of new software for the Commodore Amiga during some dark days. When the team moved onto pastures new, Chris Kelley was left to try and keep things going himself.

In February 2001, Chris started rewriting a 3D engine he had been working on, and repurposed with creating a vehicular combat game. Chris and his friends were big Twisted Metal fans, and so Hatchbacks of Doom was born. The target platform was the AmigaOne.

hod 3

By April 2001, the engine was about half finished, and Chris was interviewed about the game in Amiga Active in May 2001. Here he tells readers that Hatchbacks of Doom was set in the very near future (scarily probably set today!), where there is a problem with cities are expanding all over the world and downtown areas are dying. Continue reading

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Impossible Mission 2025

1994 Microprose

Platforms: Super Nintendo, SEGA Mega Drive

Also known as “Impossible Mission: The 90s Remix”, Impossible Mission 2025 was to be an enhanced version of the classic 1984 Commodore 64 platformer from Epyx. Not only featuring a whole new game, but the entire 8-bit original as a bonus extra.

feature image1

The new version would however feature the ability to select from 3 different characters, have power ups, multiple sub-games, end-of-level baddies and cut scenes. Continue reading

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Walker unused assets

A very short post to flag up some unused assets that were intended for the Psygnosis classic – Walker,  thanks to Karl Kuras for highlighting.

Tucked away in a Work In Progress feature within The One magazine (issue 47), screens are shown from the upcoming game that we all know and love. However, a number of screens show scenes where you actually leave the Walker cockpit and descend underground into the enemies’ secret base.


Continue reading

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