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Welcome to Fabrizio Bartoloni!

I say “welcome”, but Fabrizio is already a very well known face to Games That Weren’t, and has been for many years now.

When looking at our team page and doing some tidy-ups, I realised that we have a number of regular contributors who should be recognised better for all their help. Fabrizio is the first, and one of the most prolific contributors our project has had.

Fabrizio loves all things to do with unreleased games, and has a very keen eye for any new items that surface via other sites and forums. If you check many pages within the archive, you’ll no doubt spot Fabrizio’s name credited somewhere.

Thanks Fabrizio for all your help over the years, and for also becoming part of the GTW family.

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System IIII game catalogue

1986-1990 Ghislain de Blois

Platform: Commodore VIC-20

A short entry to highlight a series of previously unreleased VIC 20 games from Ghislain de Blois that you may have missed and was posted originally in 2015:

Eight previously unreleased games for the VIC-20: THE SYSTEM IIII GAME CATALOG 1986-1990

system4 1986 1990

There is a wide variety of games to check out, including a Pac-man clone, boxing games and a RPG title – all showcasing the early talents of Ghislain before he went on to produce stunners such as Realms of Quest.


With thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for flagging up and highlighting.

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Drop Soldier

1991 Image Works

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, PC

Drop Soldier was a RPG that put you in the shoes of a 1st rank soldier, where you are set a number of night and day missions.

You could do missions by yourself or command a platoon and issue orders, plan attacks. One of the exciting aspects was where CU Amiga talked about being able to connect up to 16 Amigas together via modem or RS232 to play as a team.


The missions would range from destroying various enemy bases, to delivering objects to certain locations. The drop soldiers themselves would be equipped with power suits to enable them to jump and run much faster than standard soldiers. Continue reading

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GTW64 November 2021 update

A bit back to normality this month, with a lot more new unreleased game entries and updates in our penultimate GTW64 update before the end of 2021. We hope you enjoy it!

8 new entries added


AnnaCoreGapePixie and DixiePopeye V1The Lost WorldUnknown SEUUnnamed game

25 updates added

Allo AlloAlvin and The ChipmunksBloid BrosChoppermanClod JumperCommodore JuicerDimension XDungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists ‘n Everythin’Force Of FourFungus 2Future Bike Simulator V1Hex-BertHuckleberry Hound in Hollywood CapersLethal 2Lord Mc SunParanoid PetePeople from SiriusQrazy QberRazzmatazzSooty And Sweep 2Spy vs Spy III – Arctic Antics V1Tears of RageThomas The Tank Engine 2Typhoon ThompsonUndead

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Cool Herders

2007 HarmlessLion (Previously Alten 8)

Platform: Nintendo DS

Cool Herders is a neat unofficial and independently created commercial title for the SEGA Dreamcast that was published around 2005. A Nintendo DS version was put into production, but was sadly never to see a proper commercial release.

The basic premise of the game is that you have to try and save the most sheep in a series of rounds, either by grabbing them or by stealing your opponent’s sheep. The game came with a story mode, and also a multiplayer option where you could fight against 3 other opponents. It could be described as a sort of mixture of Chu Chu Rocket and Bomberman.

coolherders large

After the success of the Dreamcast release, it was decided to build a Nintendo DS edition in 2007 with a whole new adventure attached to it. Developer Mike Brent had basically been looking to find a modern platform to move the development to, and initially started experimenting with getting the game running on the Gameboy Advance platform. He succeeded and then then looked for a publisher to take the game on. Continue reading

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Whole Brain Spelling preserved!

A quick post to highlight another C64 title preserved, thanks to the efforts of Allan Pinkerton, who has been slowly helping to recover a large number of unpreserved educational titles for the platform.

Today we see the release of Whole Brain Spelling – General Word List, which was an educational title from Sublogic.


We believe there may be others out there to preserve by the company, so we are adding a single entry in GTW64 to try and hunt for these. Here are the links for Whole Brain Spelling:

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