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19 Boot Camp Part 1 early build

Thanks to Gaetano for highlighting which is something I hadn’t noticed before. In Zzap 64’s review of 19 Boot Camp Part 1, it seems they either reviewed an earlier build of the game, or they used screenshots provided/from a preview (taken some time before).

The shots are clearly different to the final game, with the assault course showing a hi-res layered main character, and a far more complex climbing frame. The shooting gallery part is different too – with a more simplistic zoomed target viewer.

Contributor Alex Edge mentioned in the comments that John Menzies (coder of Traz) had written the initial game, before leaving Cascade, where Joe Booth and Mark Greenshields took over to complete the game.

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Dizzy 7 design docs + more added

A huge thanks is required for Duncan Kershaw, who was recently clearing out and found a bunch of design docs and odds and ends. Rather than dump them, he very kindly asked us if we’d be up for scanning and preserving them for the site – which of course we dutifully obliged!

As well as an interesting design document for an unreleased Football game for Zeppelin (which you can read more about here), there is an early design document for Crystal Kingdom Dizzy. Synergy produced the Dizzy document.

Additionally there is an early concept drawing of DJ Puff by Jonathan Temples (who used to be Jonathan Smyth), a letter from Synergy regarding development work on Stuntman Seymour and a contract for a C64 proprietary assembler written by Ashley Hogg- which was used a fair amount by Ash for doing audio drivers/music for various games, and ended up evolving into a 65816 assembler that was used at Codemasters for SNES work. See comments below directly from Ash about what it eventually turned into.

We hope you enjoy taking a look!

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Lost Freescape demo games and bits

Not really an unreleased game, but some bits and bobs that could be nice to save if they still exist.

Looking at the preview screens in Zzap for the 3D Construction Kit, as well as an earlier editor kit, there is a hospital ward scene using a very early edition of the editor. Both Andrew Fisher and Robin Gravel confirmed the hospital scene was from Castle Master (which may have been a demonstration of the tool’s power)


As I cocked up with the Castle Master inclusion, I may as well add the CF office screens that were produced. No doubt long gone and just done quickly to accompany a review.

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Chase HQ 2 unused assets

Reading through some old Zzap’s when I spotted this intro screen from the preview of Chase HQ 2 on the C64. This screen apparently was meant for the intro sequence (accurately ported from the arcade), but looks like it was never actually used.


I have checked through the entire game and it wasn’t even used as an in-between stage screen or ending screen. Did they run out of cart space?

Then this was found in issue one of Commodore format, showing a person out of the car…


Somewhere out there could be a full recreation of the intro which didn’t make the cut. Sadly though Grant Harrison couldn’t recall anything about it, so why was it cut??

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Stormlord early edition

Not massively different, but thanks to Luca Bertoldi, here is a screen showing a rather different looking main character for Stormlord – looking more elvish and beardless.

It’s possible that more early screens exist, so if you spot any – please let us know! Main graphics seem to be the same as the final game, though Compounded (see comments) has spotted that there are minor parts which are not present in the final game.


And another shot thanks to Patrick de Zoete, showing just a bit further on from above:


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