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Our next entry is for a title that seems to have been cracked long ago, but not within many of the online repositories (if at all). Jaceman seems to feature the main character from the game Alien that was released … Continue reading

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Jim Slim

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Great news, but for years this game was existing as a preview, but the guys at Protovision in 2011 have now released the game! Check it all out here: Case closed!

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Following on from the recent recovery of Scarabaeus 2, yet another Andromeda preview has been found and recovered thanks again to Thomas Sol Sunhede and Hedning, Zyron and Whisper of Genesis Project. Again, this disk was in a bundle of … Continue reading

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Judge Death

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A 3D Operation Wolf style blaster featuring 2000 AD’s Barbie lookalike Psi-Judge Anderson gunning down the evil Judge Death’s zombie hordes. Unlike previous games of this genre, Judge Death actually showed your hand clasping the lethal Lawgiver (gun favoured by … Continue reading

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