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Latest news

More GTW64 updates for July

Another GTW64 update for the (far too) hot month of July, including:

5 new Karl Hornell entries added


Chopperman, Clod Jumper, Commodore Juicer, Hex-Bert, Qrazy Qber

3 updates also added

Bushido Warrior, Chainsaw Warrior, Nighthunter

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Beverly Hills Cop unused assets (c64)

Many thanks to Dave Peacock, who recently recovered the following graphical assets for Beverly Hills Cop on the C64 from his work disks.

It seems that at somepoint, Michael Owens took over graphical duties on the C64 – leaving Dave to concentrate on the Spectrum and Amstrad versions.

Here you can find an unused car dashboard and steering wheel – which was probably meant for the 3D driving section which was dropped from the C64 edition.  If anything else turns up, we’ll add it here.

dashboard steering-wheel

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Zone of Darkness assets recovered + more

First GTW64 update for July, which includes the following

Zone of Darkness level assets recovered


Zone Of Darkness

2 new entries added

Body Slam, Circus Circus

7 updates added

Arsenal FC, Brides Of Dracula, Heavy Barrel, Rex, The Rocky Horror Adventure Show, Total Recall V1, Zanatron

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ST protos recovered from Mark R. Jones disks

Over the last week, various prototypes have been saved from a bunch of disks which were found by Mark R Jones, which include the following (clickable links to Atari Mania pages):

Some of the demos were recovered by Mark himself, and the rest were salvaged by the guys at Atari Mania, who have now made all the prototypes available for download (after Mark gave the thumbs up).  Fantastic work to all involved!

Starquake 2 is arguably the star of the show in the recoveries, and shows a very promising early demo in action.  Unfortunately it was cancelled after both Mark and Paul Hughes were called up to work on Flood 2 – which you can read more about here.

It is hoped that Flood 2 could actually be next on the list, with a demo disk in the hands of Paul Hughes which hopefully still reads after all this time.

Check them out via the links above!


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The Lost ThunderCats games video

GTW recently helped online games journalist Larry Bundy Jr with research and information on the Thundercats game series by Elite, including the two unreleased titles.

And the final result has been published last week.   Here it is, enjoy!

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Last for June – QA game recovered + more!

Another GTW64 update which includes:

QA text adventure game fully recovered and preserved


3 new entries added:

Octopussy, Rent-a-cop Reloaded, System 15000 sequel

15 other entries updated:

Includes many credit fixes, a full version of James Fly added and more!

Alloyrun, Aurum, Babylon, Balls Of The Scrolling Thunder, Dynablaster, Empire Strikes Back, Hydrogenese, James Fly, Outrun Europe, Shove, Star of Africa, Toi Acid Game, Twin Balls, Woodshoot, Zwei Bereten

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Thank you to Christina Burroughs!

A huge thank you to Christina Burroughs for her kind contribution to our gamesthatwerent.com domain costs for this year!

This now concludes our donations for 2014, so many thanks to everyone who donated!

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Aurum (c64) full game recovered and translated!

A long lost John Vanderaart game called Aurum has been found and recovered via a chance copy from a party back in the 80′s and preserved.  Not only has it been preserved, but the past few months have seen a painstaking translation job done on the game before releasing it today.


A great graphic text adventure, which is well worth checking out!  A huge shame it never got released, but here it is now!  Enjoy!


EDIT – Dutch original now included in the downloads.  Stupidly forgot to include it first time!

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Thank you to Vinny Mainolfi

A huge thank you to Vinny Mainolfi for his kind contribution to our gamesthatwerent.com domain costs for this year!

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Thank you to Andreas Wanda and Kevin Tilley

A huge thank you to Andreas Wanda and Kevin Tilley for your kind contribution to our domain and hosting costs for this year!

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