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Latest news

Populous (c64) recovered and released + more!

A second update of the year and our first real big recovery so far!

Populous C64 conversion attempt recovered and released!



3 new entries added

Blue Sun, Telmar’s Gold, Wendellwood Estates

10 updates added

All Terrain Gardener, Arcade Classics 2, Bushido Warrior, Escape From Mars, Hope To Hopp 2, Hydrogenese, Rebelstar, Rebelstar 2, The SuperCan, Your Computer Software Exchange

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Last Ninja 2 on the Konix Multisystem found!

Some amazing news through today from Mark Campbell (who runs the fantastic Konix Multisystem site), that a copy of Last Ninja 2 on the Konix Multisystem has been found by an ex-developer at Attention to Detail, Jon Steele.

It is still very much early days, and the disks are still to be checked and read.  The condition looks good though, so it is hopeful that they are still readable after all this time.  They are believed to be a mixture of PC format and Konix formatted disks – and efforts are now underway to preserve them.  The game itself was pretty much close to completion (if not actually complete).

If all goes to plan, the guys are hoping to get some videos showing the game actually running to see how it compares to the released versions.  Dave Lowe is believed to be responsible for the audio, so there could be some previously unheard Dave Lowe tunes too.

We hope to have more for you soon!

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First update of 2015 for GTW64!

Happy New Year everyone!   Work never stops on GTW64, and here is another 12 updates for you.  The big one includes the finding of “The Birds” as part of the Your Computer Software Exchange, thanks to the excellent efforts of Chris Kraus!

Thanks also to Gaz Spence on flagging up a few titles which are actually out there and were released – included in this update.  Enjoy!


12 updates added

Baffle, Catch 2, Eye Of The Moon, Force Of The Vulcan, Hangman Deluxe, Hydrogenese, MiniDon, Reflect, The 4th Dimension, The SuperCan, Your Computer Software Exchange, Zaxon

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GTW64 Christmas update 2014

Welcome to our yearly Christmas update, which seems to have come round far too quick.   Due to how the site gets more regularly updated, this year we had no backlog for the first time in years!

This meant new content was hard to come by.  We have some brand new findings for you as usual, but the rest has been a trawl through the excellent Gamebase 64 to create a ton of new entries.  Enjoy the updates, now i’m off to enjoy the festive booze!…

Boxing Manger 2 recovered and released!

Thanks to John Christian Lønningdal, we are very happy to see Boxing Manager 2 fully preserved at long last.  Reviewed in Commodore Format, it was uncertain whether the game had been released, and now this confirms it indeed was, but in limited numbers

Boxing Manager 2

6 unseen previews by Cory Kin added

We have been sifting through more development disks from Cory Kin, and have uncovered some more very cool early previews.  Highlights include Ah-Type and Vertical Shooter.  Check them out!

Ah Type, Badminton game, Unknown shooterUnknown platformer game, Uridium clone, Vertical shooter

Unknown vertical scroller game found

A bizarre and early vertically scrolling game, based in some urban area has been added.  It’s very early, but one for us to do some digging on…

Vertical scroller

Unknown beat-em up sprites found (Carlo)

Is it the start of a sideway scrolling beat-em-up like Renegade?  We found a sprite set called “Carlo”, and it seems to be something new.  Do you know what it is?


94 other new entries added

Mostly a raid of the previews section of Gamebase 64, we have gradually started adding more previews into GTW64.  Part of an ongoing project!

3D Roam, Black Knight 2, Blackshagger, Blown Away for $50, Bounch!, Boxes, Boxing game, Brickout, Brickwall, Busta, Candyman, Cola Quest, Crystalopis, Cyberiad, Cyberworm, Deep in Space, Detroit Invader, Dozo Quest, Dr Bongo’s Safari Park, Dump, Dungeons, Empire Vision, Evasion, Eye Of The Beholder, Fantastic Voyage, Find the Pair!, Football Manager 97, Freewheel Burning, Futris, Galago, Galaxy Cop, Genocide, Get Ready, Griffin, Grubz, Infer, Jump, Kill Him, King Of The Road, Mafia Warz, Mega Moto, Mezzo-Tint, MiniDon, Mission X, Moonspell, Moonstone, Move It!, Move Out, Mr Wong’s Loopy Laundry, Mystery, Nefarious, Nitro, Now Shoot, On Table, One Man Army, Phantasm and Fantasy, Phantom Rider, Preview Game, Project Sparkk, Prometheus, Prototype, Rem Force, Sector, Sky-Jack, Skylight, Snoopy 2, Snow Bros, Sokoban, Sonic The Hedgehog, Space Killer, Spectral Sneer, Speed, Spider Chase, Sput, Squelc, Squid, Star Scaper, Stone, Stoned, Story of Captain Hook, Super Ball 2, Super Bouncer, TWO, Telecommando, The Attack of the Blue Bomber, The SuperCan, Toms Revenge, Trailrunner, Vitrus, Watch It, Who Fried My Concorde, Xoanon Reptilia, Xytris – The Game

33 updates added

And finally a series of existing entry updates, based on recent contributions and findings.  Gold Train in particular is pretty interesting!

Autoguard, C64GS cartridge titles, Castle Capers, Charlie Chaplin, Cop Out, Death Blow, Djinn, Enterprise, Evolution Cryser, Force Of Four, Future Shock, Gold Train, Goreemium, Gunboat, Here and there with the Mr Men, Italian Night 99, Kid Saviour, Last Ninja V1, Lost Maze, Mega Twins, Megatree, Mindsmear, Paranoid, Rhyme Land, Rick Dangerous 3, Samber 2, Samurai Warrior V1, Scooby Doo, The Great Space Race, The Ninja Eggs, The Soul Gem Of Martek, The Tripods, Venom Blazer

And that is it!  We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and we hope to keep bringing you new findings well into 2015.  This of course is a project which has no end in sight! :)

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An interview with Nigel Kershaw

More from Ross Sillifant, with an interview with Nigel Kershaw.  Take it away Ross!…

It is my absolute pleasure to be able to interview Mr. Nigel ‘Pig’ Kershaw, so Nigel, if you would be so kind, could you take a moment to tell our readers just who you are and where and what you’ve worked on during your time in the video games industry?

I’m a games designer by trade, always have been since dropping out of university in 1989. Back then there weren’t many people who called themselves designers, and certainly no degrees that taught Games Design. I fell into it because I used to run games of D&D for a bunch of folks who happened to make videogames. They wanted to make a computer RPG, I thought that sounded better than the burger-flipping McJob I fallen into. 25 years later, much to my parents chagrin, I’m still avoiding ’proper’ jobs.

In that time I’ve been involved in the design of about eighteen published games and a host of others that fell by the wayside. I’ve worked for numerous studios including Ocean, Psygnosis and Sony, and designed in genres as diverse as point and click adventures, space sims, racing, platformers, A.R. and text adventures.

Q) Opening question has to be…’Pig’ Kershaw? Dare we ask…lol…

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An interview with Franck Sauer

Ross Sillifant provides GTW with another new interview, this time with Franck Sauer.  Take it away Ross! …

It is with great pleasure I get the chance to ‘chat’ to another industry legend, Franck Sauer, so Franck, without further ado, could you please introduce yourself to our readers and give us a little background info on your good self, if you could be so kind:

Hey Ross, my pleasure. Well it all goes back to when I was 13, I started doing pixel graphics and small programs in BASIC on my first computer, a Ti-99/4a back in 1982. Making stuff happen on the TV screen was just black magic at the time, and I got hooked pretty quickly. A few years later, I met a friend at school who was programming on C64.

I wasn’t too bad at doing art for the 8 bit machine, so we decided to create a game together in our spare time,  every evening after school. It took us three years to finish it, but the game (‘Never Outside’) eventually got published and it was our entry ticket for the buoyant games industry.

I got hired by Ubisoft to work on 8 bit games such as ‘Iron Lord’ and from there moved back onto independent development on the Amiga. I never stopped working in the games industry since. What I really love about making games is the combination of art and technology, as I’ve never been able to choose one over the other.

Onto the questions:

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An interview with Geoff Phillips

Ross Sillifant has very kindly offered us an interview with Geoff Phillips (of Mighty Bombjack (c64) fame among others) to put onto the site, so without further delay i’ll hand you over to Ross…


As part of my on-going series of interviews intended to get some of our ‘lesser known’ coding heroes the coverage they deserve, it’s with great pleasure i’m able to put a few questions to a Mr Geoff Phillips……

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First GTW64 update for October

First update for October which includes the following:

5 new entries added

3D Snooker, Hooray for Henrietta, Mix and Match with Maggie, Rick Dangerous 3, Samurai Warrior V1

10 updates added

7 Minutes To Midnight, Batman Returns, Cable Run, Crystal Chamber, Fireblaster, Great Giana Sisters, Money Minefield, Reach For The Moon, The Tripods, Xybots

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Aliens: Colonial Marines (PS2)

A quick post to show some magazine scans reporting on the cancelled Aliens: Colonial Marines title on the PS2, thanks to Ross Sillifant.

Seems even more staggering that as technology grows, the expense of cancellations is far greater – especially with a game shaping up as nicely as this was.


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Andrew Holdroyd talks briefly about his C64/Vic 20 days

Thanks to Ross Sillifant, Andrew Holdroyd gives some brief history about his C64/Vic 20 days and any released and unreleased works:

“The Vic20 was the first computer I owned and learned my trade on it. The first wave of home computers (Vic, Spectrum, Atari 400/800 etc) started around the time I left school. I joined British Telecom as an apprentice and after some deliberating bought a VIC, partly because it was cheap and had a ‘proper’ keyboard and also someone I knew well at BT owned a PET so the name was one I knew.

It was an uphill struggle learning to program it but I persevered and produced a few basic programs that were published in magazines. To give you an idea how much of a novice I was then, I could not understand why my programs were so much slower than commercial games. Long before you could ‘Google it’ I eventually learned that to get your programs running faster needed something called ‘machine code’ so I went to a computer shop in Manchester and asked an assistant ‘can the vic 20 do machine code?’ He paused, then said ‘Erm… yes.’

The magazines led to me doing a little freelance work for the multitude of start up games companies springing up around the Manchester area doing piecework and producing tool and utility programs which gave me a peek into the world of commercial software.

By now the C64 was around. I bought the Zaks 6502 programming book, the programmers reference guide and a Mikro assembler cartridge and later a 1541 drive. Many people complained about basic 2.0 in the Vic and 64 but I think for me it made the transition to assembler so much easier. Just switch PEEK and POKE for LDA and STA!

It was around this time that the then state owned British Telecom was heading for privatization and the shop floor was rife with rumors of mass redundancies which at 19 years old I found a little scary. At the same time my contact list in the software world led me to a company called Menton Technology looking for staff making micro controller boards so I decided to take the opportunity.

Working at Menton was fun at first but soon became a little mundane. You were given a flowchart to write the code. ‘If input A goes high, output C should go low’ ‘If input B is high and input D is low, wait 20ms and set output B high’ etc.

Train_RobbersI had been working on my own game in my spare time as a learning exercise. I learned one very important lesson. MAKE BACKUPS! One of my disks became damaged and I had to virtually start again although with the experience I’d had by then the second version was an improvement and I sent the game off to a couple of publishers. Who should come back with an offer? My old employer BT! They got me a couple of Rob Hubbard tracks to add to it and ‘Train Robbers’ was published on their budget ‘Firebird’ label.

It was a weird sensation seeing my game on the shop shelves and pictures in magazines. It was even awarded a ZZap64 Silver medal!

Menton eventually folded, I think because as the market for microcontrollers expanded then bigger companies were taking their business. So I had a published game and a Zzap 64 silver medal and Tiertex were looking for a 6502 programmer…”

Here is a link to the full interview:


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