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Latest news

First GTW64 update for April 2014

Keeping up with the updates, more entries added and various updates (each entry includes details of what has changed).  See below for details:

3 new entries added

Heart Of Yesod, Monstics Mystery 2C64GS cartridge titles

7 updates made

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes, Gremlins, Leaving Teramis, Milk Tray Game, Nighthunter, Stargate Legacy, The Seven Gates Of Jambala

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More GTW64 updates for March!

Keeping up the updates for March, we have the following updates for you:

1 new entry added


6 updates added

Flight Deck 2, Heebie Jeebies, Lusitania, Mega Twins, Orcus, Viking Child

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Lost Vic 20 games found

I’ve been chatting to two guys called Simon and Ekkehard, who used to develop a lot of Vic 20 games back in the day.


In recent times, they had tried to recover their long lost work – but were having troubles doing so.  Ekkehard finally got hold of a Vic 20 recently and managed to get his and Simon’s works preserved.

For more details and downloads for Simon’s game ‘Dudu’ and all of Ekkehard’s currently preserved works, check out the following links:



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C64 Battle Ball preserved and more updates

Thanks to Stoo Cambridge for passing on his last remaining copy for preservation, Battle Ball has been finally recovered and released.  This was due to be released on the Power House label, but sadly went under before it could be sold.  Grab it from here:

Battle Ball


In addition to that we have the following updates:

3 new entries added

Play and Learn series, Restrictor, Shadowgate

1 update added


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Games That Weren’t display at Play Blackpool

We are pleased to announce that Games That Weren’t will have a display at Play Blackpool this 3rd and 4th May.

In collaboration with Andy Brown of Replay Events, we have helped pick a number of games for various consoles and computers which never saw a commercial release and will be available for people to play and check out.

For more details, check out:


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Yet more GTW64 updates for February

Another GTW64 update which includes:

3 new entries added

Amazon Tales, Hangman, Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge

3 updates added

Device for Alien Destruction, Microprose Soccer V1, Star Tech Games

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New Mark Wilson tunes added to GTW64

Another GTW64 update which features a new entry thanks to Mark Wilson, and a set of tunes intended for the game.   In addition – Arbitrator has had a set of tunes submitted by Mark which were also intended for the game.

Finally Ian Coog has provided SID tune rips for both Castle Boy and Starburst (as well as Arbitrator just moments ago), which we have added to all entries.

1 new entry added

Device for Alien Destruction

3 updates added

Arbitrator, Castle Boy, Starburst

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Two full C64 games recovered

Thanks to Mark Wilson, the GEMS compilation pack has been digitally preserved, which includes 2 previously unreleased full games and also a far more complete version of Starburst (with previously unheard tunes by Andy Brown).  This update also includes a new entry and a few updates thrown in to boot!


Two full titles found and preserved from GEMS collection

Castle BoyStratagos

1 new entry added of a cool looking RPG


4 other entries updated

ArbitratorObliterator, Starburst, Xenon 2

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RESET #2 magazine with new regular GTW feature

The latest issue of the free C64 fanzine, RESET has been released, which features a new regular Games That Weren’t section.  This month covering Genesis’ Spellcast game.


Check out the magazine and download from here:


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GTW64 updates for February

More collated updates from GTW64, with the following:

2 new entries added

Flight Deck 2, The Light Corridor

9 updates added (details of updates at the top of each review)

Aurum, Crossbow, Habitat, Joust, Questerious, Sonic The Hedgehog, Star Tech Games, Stargate, Xamitlu

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