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Perplexus Diodomin

2002 James Boulton

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Perplexus Diodomin was a Game Boy Advance title that was in development back in 2002 by James Boulton (code), with graphics done by James (tile graphics), James Barnard (tile graphics and music) and Jamie Bamborough (character sprites).

per4 large

James Boulton was (and still is!) a huge fan of Puzznic, enjoying the title form its release on the Atari ST back in the day. He had started writing a version of the game on the Atari ST originally when he was 15, but didn’t get very far. He always had the idea of doing a Puzznic style game in the back of his mind though. Continue reading

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Super Skweek

1991 Loriciel

Platform: PC (DOS)

A short entry for now for a PC conversion of the Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST and Atari Lynx puzzler sequel. Highlighted to GTW by contributor EAD.

Plans for the PC seem to be on very solid grounding, as the manuals feature loading instructions for that version of the game, and the original was released for DOS just over a year before. However, it seems to have never surfaced. Continue reading

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1991 Nick Pelling

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Frak! is an absolute classic on the BBC Micro, starring caveman Trogg as you navigated across various trecharous levels with your trusty yo-yo.


It is no surprise then to learn that there had been plans to bring Trogg to 16-bit platforms at some stage, and Commodore User magazine would report this back in August 1991. Continue reading

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Roll Call

2005 SCi

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox

A short entry to cover an earlier incarnation of Eidos Iteractive’s Urban Chaos: Riot Response. The game began life as a sequel to SWAT: Global Team Strike, before evolving into Roll Call.

SCi would rescue the project after the collapse of Argonaut and later be released under the above name. Thanks to Hidden Palace, there are already early prototypes of the game in its earlier incarnations which you can find here:

Recently in October 2021, we were provided with a Qualitative Game Evaluation on Roll Call dated June 2005. By this stage, SCi were involved. Check it out below:

The document aimed to review the current build and specifics of the title so far, plus the name of the game to come up with something more fitting. This was done by having four extended group discussions lasting two hours, with one-hour gameplay.

It is a fascinating look at the development process and how the game was viewed at that point in time, as well as the decisions that led to its eventual renaming to Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

This is pretty much why we have created this prototype entry so far, but if anything else relating to the game surfaces like this – then we will continue to add and update this page.

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Super Productions Software games

Although the main purpose of Games That Weren’t is to preserve unreleased games, we occasionally try and share preservation efforts of ones which were actually released, but were extremely rare and yet to be preserved. Today we share preservation of a set of very rare Commodore Vic-20 games thanks to Vincent Procaccini.

case display

Vincent got in touch with GTW, as he was trying to find out more about an obscure set of Commodore Vic 20 games in his possession by Super Productions Software.

The only thing he could find out about the company was that they had the same address as “Album Globe Distribution”. So it seemed to be a company just trying to get in on the whole video game craze at the time, which I think K-Tel also did at one stage too with their double packs.

Continue reading

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Gyruss C64 prototype

1984 Parker Brothers

Platform: Commodore 64

Not quite a GTW64 entry, but an earlier build of the released Gyruss (a brilliant Konami arcade conversion) for the C64 – recovered thanks to preservationist Ken Van Mersbergen.

This prototype dated 2nd May 1984 was found within the collection of disks/materials from the archive of a retired programmer who used to work for Roklan and On-Time Software.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of differences that we’ve found so far apart from slightly different attack waves.

Professor Chaos got in touch via the comments to say that there are two differences to the final version and described by him as “theoretical or VERY rare glitches”. One in particular was where it goes straight to a level complete animation when all the enemies finish exploding.

In the final version, an extra check is added to make sure you are still alive (as you could still run into an enemy shot for example). Another difference was the removal of some code that when an enemy’s sprite block is blank, it’s y-position is set off-screen. Professor Chaos suggests that maybe this was unnecessary and removed to make room for the above fix in the first difference.

So, not a major difference to the final version at all – but good to see these different builds preserved, as you just never know what may surface.

A huge thank you to Ken Van Mersbergen for his fantastic preservation work and for preserving this prototype. Thank you to Professor Chaos for checking through the code and highlighting the minor differences present.



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