New Games That Weren’t C64 updates

Keeping up the trend, some more new entries and various updates have been added.

This includes news of another Psygnosis conversion that never was, an interesting Club Light game, a selection of John Vanderaart entries, some newly recovered Duncan Kershaw games, confirmation that a cartridge version of Spy Who Loved Me did exist, David Doll speaks to GTW64 about the Virus April fools and much more. Enjoy!

8 new entries added

Anarchy, Aurum, Club Light adventure, Duncan Kershaw games, Gravity, Playboy – The Game, Smakeloos, The Spy Who Loved Me C64GS,

8 updates added

Castle Boy, Crossbow (William Tell), Here and there with the Mr Men, Space Hop, Starburst, Stratagos, Toki V1, Virus

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